Bawdy Service

2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama


Body massage

Aroma therapy oil massage! A quick but, much needed massage, when you need to relax and work out a few kinks !

45–90 min


Head to Toe

Give your body a big pressure release! This massage caters to your whole body, head to toe! You can add aroma therapy free other than that coconut oil will be used

1 hour


Erogenous massage

This massage technique involves your full body including your intimate areas. The goal is to awaken your sexual energy, deepen the intimacy between you and your partner, and increase mindfulness of sexual pleasure and your body. ***Please be aware this massage involves being touched in sensitive areas, if you are uncomfortable please DO NOT BOOK THIS SERVICE! This massage is not meant to bring about orgasm, but to awaken sexual energy and intimacy ***

45 min


King/Queen Treatment

Really want to unwind, get treated like the King/Queen you are! This service comes with a milk bath, massage and meal! When was the last time someone pampered you! ***There will be 3 meal option! You will make your selection and discuss any dietary restrictions during consultation ***

1½ hour