Brows and Beauty with Katy

Home salon of a Certified Brow Specialist, experienced in Brow Lamination, Henna Brows, Lash Lifts, Tinting and waxing.

19 Grimthorp Avenue, Pietermaritzburg


Brow Henna

1 hour

Brow Lamination

With Brow Mapping & Wax (no tint)

1½ hour

Brow Lamination

With Brow Mapping, Wax and Tint

1¾ hour

Advanced Shaping

Brow Mapping & Wax (No tint)

30 min

Advanced Shaping with Hybrid Tint

Brow Mapping, Wax & Tint

45 min



Makeup for matric/school dances, wedding guests etc

45 min