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Done over email

Done over email

If your concept is in line with my style and creative goals, I will work with you to finalize your concept, placement, and answer any questions you may have. We will pick a date for you to come in and get tattooed :). All communication is conducted over email or my platform on Instagram, so please check your inbox regularly.

1 hour

What's  my touch up policy

What's my touch up policy

I offer first touch-ups free! All subsequent touch-ups will incur a $50 fee per session

Book Now

$150 per hour | 2 hour ($300) minimum + additional drawing fee for custom designs



A $250 booking deposit is required to secure your appointment . This will go towards the final cost of your tattoo.

Additional custom ink

Additional custom ink

If you are requesting a custom design that requires an original drawing, there will be an additional custom drawing fee ($180+) depending on the complexity of the piece. This will be paid with your deposit.


I offer both flash and custom designs. I work primarily in black and grey with color accents. My preferred subject matter: Anime, animals, fantastical creatures, human or humanoid entities, celestial phenomena, photorealism, purely plant/flower pieces, landscapes, human skulls, mandalas, geometry, script/text, religious symbols, micro tattoos, full color pieces, or manga/anime panels. I generally do sleeve or other full-coverage projects.