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Korte Gasthuisstraat, Turnhout

Simple manicure ♡

Give your hands and nails a neat, healthy and clean look.

Classic manicure (basic manicure with gel polish)

Klassieke manicure behandeling met één gel kleur

45 min

Gel nails ♡

Nails that last a long time ♡

Gel nails - New set without tips

Nieuwe set Full Color, excl. tips

1¾ hour

Gel Nails - New set with medium/long tips

Nieuwe set Full Color, incl. tips

1¾ hour

Extra's ♡

Removal of gel nails

Verwijderen van Gel nagels

30 min

Nail art - glitters, stones, folie per nail

Glitters, stenen, folie per nagel

15 min

Repair 1 Nail (within 7 days = free)