Tay Tays Cleaning

From Vacaville, California


Room Cleaning

1 Bedroom / One room Only

Standard Cleaning Apt/Condo/House/Small Business

I have up to a certain amount of hours to clean. Thoroughly cleaning multiple rooms, addressing critical areas in the kitchen, and cleaning and sanitizing the bathrooms etc..


Move-Out Services

No furniture, house has to be EMPTY.

Move Out Apartment/House Deep Clean

(MOVE-OUT DEEP CLEAN) Includes Dusting, Appliances, CounterTops, Windows, Floors, Baseboards, Walls Etc.


Extras Service

Shampooing Floors

Using a Carpet Machine Cleaner to Shampoo Floors ( Includes Carpet Cleaner Fluid )


Spot/ Pet Removal

Removal small stains or Pet Odor/Urine