Coaching services


Coaching session

Are you struggling with anything regarding life? Do you feel as if you need some support, or solutions? Do you want to start something new in your life? I can help you regarding relationships, your career, your physical health, your mental strength, your goals.

45 min

Special Sessions

Special events ask for special help, lets get you ready for it!

Special: Find your purpose

Are you struggling with what you want to do in life? Do you feel unhappy with the lifestyle you have right now? It might be that you are not living your authentic self. Let's find it out together.

Special: Burn out

Do you feel burnt out? Are you tired, irritated and feeling anxious? Do you want to be energised again? We can work on this together

45 min

Special: Needing motivation, feeling uninspired?

Sometimes, all we need is a little support, motivation and inspiration. This shorter session (30 min) is focused on bringing your motivation back up, so that you feel fired up again!

30 min

Special: Islam

This one is for the Muslims, or whoever is inspired by and wants to know more about Islam. Are you struggling, and you think you might need some support? Then I can help you with my capacity.

45 min