Coastal Therapies

Upper Park Road, St Leonards


All facial are customised to suit your individual needs. Using natural organic products that deliver amazing results.

Luxury Rock Rose facial

50 minute facial using Locally made products and a relaxing lifting massage.

30 min

Interoral / Buccal massage

A 40 minute facial massage to help contour and relieve stress working on facial muscles often neglected. Working form the inside or the mouth.

Inside out Facial

A full luxury facial using natural, organic products to treat the skin combined with an interoral facial massage to work on the inside. Instant visible results.

Zone out

A 60 minute facial that incorporates a full facial and facial reflexology. Treating the skin on your face and your full body.

Deep cleanse dermaplane

50 minute facial using steam and dermaplaning to unclog the pores, remove dead skin cells and give a deep exfoliation


All massages are customised to suit your wants and needs. Areas and pressures are decided during consultation.

30 minute massage

Customised for you using a blend of techniques developed over 15 years.

30 min

55 minute massage

45 min

85 minute massage



45 minute foot massage working on zones in the feet to stimulate the whole body.

30 min


50 minute facial massage working the full body using the zones in the face.

30 min

Manual lymphatic Drainage

Gentle encouragement of the lymphatic system. Helps to boost immune system, speeds up recovery, aids in general health and relaxation.

30 minute treatment + consultation

Introduction to the treatment and I depth consultation. You have the option of over clothes or using oils.

60 minute treatment

90 minute treatment