Fit On Purpose

2018 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Strength Endurance Circuit (muscle building)

Welcome to the perfect Full Body, Muscle building, Class. We hit all the major muscle groups, and more! Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, legs, and Core in all plains of motion. This is an equipment based class. We provide all that you would need. Just bring your own matt and towel. Results you will achieve by staying consistent in this training: Body Adaptation / Muscle Building / Fat loss / Healthier Lifestyle / Mental sharpness / Better Muscle and mind connection / neurological function improvement. Lifestyle perks! What this type of training helps? Less fatigue from your daily activities / Less consistent body aches and pain / build up Confidence / The ability to explore more of the world

30 min

Personal Training

1 hour

Duo Personal Training

1 hour