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Alternative Relaxation Therapy ✨ We believe in the transformative power of gentle touch therapy and by applying only the lightest of pressure to your body, it can release your mind and leave you in a state of pure relaxation.

Day Dreamer : female only

This treatment will include being seated upright while your asmr therapist brushes your hair, traces your neck, shoulders and back. A delicate, no oil scalp massage to finish. Relive the feeling of a loved one brushing your hair in the cold school mornings or a friend behind you in class playing with your hair and truly seem at peace for just a moment..

30 min

Feather Facial : female only

This treatment will include a light facial with ASMR techniques used to give you a subtle glow. No makeup is recommended. Head, neck and face tracing with our gentle tools, feathers and makeup brushes. Décolletage, arms and hands will be included with our signature gentle touch.

45 min

Bring it Back : female only

This treatment you will lay comfortably on your front and receive a delicate oil massage. Get lost in the feeling of bliss as we target head, shoulders and back. Soft brushes, light wood tools and skin tracing will dissipate all your thoughts for a truly comforting experience..

30–60 min


Childhood Memories : female only

This treatment combines “Bring it Back” and “Day Dreamer” as the perfect duo for the days missed where we would feel small and comforted by a loved one that may no longer be here. Run-away into your fondest memories just for a moment and melt into a blissful dream..

1 hour