The Palette Room

• Color specialist & hair coach • Je favoriete Color Boutique 💜 • Opening Juni 2024 in Ede/Wageningen


All prices are from prices.

Full head Highlights, cut and style

Foils throughout the hair, cut, dry and style the hair.

3 hours

Sunkissed highlights, toner, cut & style

2½ hours

Contour highlights (1/2), toner cut en style

Highlights rond de contouren van het haar, toner en knippen lang haar

1¾ hour

Total permanent coloring, cut and style

Coloring, cutting, drying and styling the hair's roots and lengths.

2 hours

Root cover, cut & style

Toner, cut and style

1½ hour

Wash,style & scalp detox

Ladies - wash and blow dry luxury

Scalp detox en massage

45 min

Ladies - wash and blow-dry luxury for long hair

Scalp massage en detox

1 hour

Olaplex & treatments

Olaplex shot within the color

15 min

Hydrating mask