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Welcome to your tattoo consultation! This session is designed to help us understand your vision and bring your tattoo ideas to life. During the consultation, we will discuss: ▪️Design Ideas: Share your inspiration, references, and any specific elements you want included in your tattoo. Placement and Size: Determine the best location and size for your tattoo, considering your anatomy and preferences. ▪️Style and Technique: Explore different tattoo styles (e.g., realism, traditional, watercolor) to match your vision. Artist Recommendations: Based on your design and style, we can recommend the best artist for your project. ▪️Customization: Discuss any customizations to make your tattoo unique and personal. ▪️Process and Aftercare: Explain the tattooing process, pain management, healing, and aftercare to ensure a smooth experience. Please bring any sketches, images, or ideas that inspire you. We're excited to collaborate with you and create a tattoo that you'll love forever. Let's turn your ideas into art!

30 min

Small tattoos

Small tattoos are perfect for those who want a subtle yet meaningful piece of art. They can be delicate, minimalist, or intricate, and can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Here are a few key points about small tattoos: ▪️Versatile and Discreet: Small tattoos can be easily hidden or displayed, making them ideal for any lifestyle. ▪️Quick and Less Painful: Due to their size, small tattoos typically take less time to complete and are often less painful than larger pieces. ▪️Personal and Symbolic: Despite their size, small tattoos can carry significant meaning, representing personal stories, important dates, or favorite symbols. ▪️Ideal for First-Timers: If you're new to tattoos, a small design can be a great way to start your tattoo journey. ▪️Popular Designs: Common choices for small tattoos include hearts, stars, initials, tiny animals, flowers, and geometric shapes. Whether you want a minimalist design or a detailed tiny masterpiece, small tattoos offer a unique way to express yourself in a compact form. Let's create a small tattoo that holds big significance for you!

2 hours

Day session

A day session is perfect for those looking to get a larger or more complex tattoo completed in one go, or for significant progress on a larger project. During a day session, you’ll experience: ▪️Comprehensive Design Execution: Spend several hours with your tattoo artist, allowing for detailed work and significant progress on intricate designs. ▪️Focused Attention: With a full day dedicated to your tattoo, the artist can focus entirely on bringing your vision to life without the constraints of shorter sessions. ▪️Comfort and Care: Enjoy a comfortable and relaxed environment with breaks as needed to ensure you’re at ease throughout the process. ▪️Efficiency: Completing a large portion of your tattoo in one day can be more efficient than multiple shorter sessions, often resulting in a more cohesive final piece. ▪️Customization and Detail: The extended time allows for careful attention to detail, customization, and refinement of your tattoo. Whether you're starting a new large piece, completing an ongoing project, or looking to cover substantial ground on your tattoo journey, a day session provides the time and space for truly exceptional tattoo work. Let's make the most of this dedicated time to create something amazing!

6 hours

Multiple sessions

Some tattoos require multiple sessions to ensure the highest quality and detail. Opting for multiple sessions allows for a more meticulous approach to your tattoo. Here’s what to expect: ▪️Detailed and Complex Designs: Ideal for large-scale tattoos, intricate designs, or full sleeves that need significant time to complete. ▪️Quality and Precision: Each session allows the artist to focus on specific areas, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted. ▪️Healing and Comfort: Breaking the process into multiple sessions provides time for healing, reducing discomfort and allowing you to manage the experience better. ▪️Gradual Progress: See your tattoo evolve over time, allowing for adjustments and refinements to perfect the design. ▪️Personalized Experience: Regular sessions offer the chance to build a rapport with your artist, ensuring your tattoo reflects your vision perfectly. Multiple sessions are perfect for those looking to invest in a detailed, high-quality tattoo. With each session, we’ll get closer to completing your masterpiece. Let’s work together to create a stunning tattoo, step by step.

6 hours