Ituura Wellness

Welcome to Ituura Wellness. We are all about community. Our values are respect, access to resources, safety, privacy and confidentiality.



Intake Interview

A get-to-know you session. We spend 90 minutes building rapport, familiarising you with therapy, consent and history taking.

1½ hour


1:1 Session

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions focusing on addressing issues using array of techniques and therapy models. Sessions are either virtual or in-person as the client pleases.

1 hour


Group session

This method of targets accommodates 6-12 people. Group therapy aims to give people an opportunity to go through treatment with other people navigating similar issues. It is also an option for those seeking to cut cost on money spent per session. *Please note that this option is only based on availability of enough people to make a group/cohort.*

2 hours

Couple session

1–2 hours


Family Session

Tailored for families trying to navigate issues such as grief and loss, divorce and separation, transitions etc.

1¼ hour