Mapopoma Wash

Book for your mobile carwash... We will come to you for your convinience. Take care of what matters most to you, while we clean your car...

From Harare

Mobile Car Wash

Express wash

Exterior touchless wash, shampooing and waxing with scented spray wax, tyre polish, dashboatd spraying, vaccuming interior and mats.

45 min


Essential Wash

EXPRESS WASH with the following additions: under body blast with degreaser, engine wash with engine cleaner, shampooing and hand washing mats. AC vents cleaning by enzime spray and/or steaming.

1 hour


Premium Wash

ESSENTIAL WASH and the following additions: hand washing rims, hand washing dashboard and air vents, hand washing car grill and car logos, car polishing/buffing, hand seats cleaning, under seat cleaning, boot cleaning, ceiling cleaning, sunroof cleaning, window water repellent spraying and a complimentary airfreshening gift.

2 hours

Domestic Pressure washing

Pavements and driveways pressurewashing

Charge per m²

Buildings pressure washing

Charge per m²

Roof tiles pressure washing

Charge per m²

Garage pressure washing

Charge per m²

Pressure washing if other domestice equipment

Swimming pool cleaning

Charge per m²

Trucking and Buses

Trucks exterior touchless pressure washing with strong detegents and cab interior pressure washing...

Buses exterior touchless pressure washing and interior cleaning

Automotive Wash



Caravans and camping vans

Trailers and other automotives

Industrial Wash

Warehouse cleaning

Charge per m²


Kitchen/Scallary deep fat cleaning