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Biab nails

A gel-like nail polish applied as an overlay on natural nails or short extensions

Biab nails (Builder gel in a bottle)

This is a short length to medium length (natural nails only) Basic designs included as well, but if you would like any other more complicated design, we can totally do that. It will just go up on price depending on what design you choose:) A Russian manicure is included with this service!! Biab is a great option if you want to add strength to your nail. It's kinda like a gel manicure but better:)

1¾ hour



Give your hands and nails a neat, healthy and stylish look.

Russian manicure

Russian manicure is a dry manicure and the main focus is cuticle work. I use several bits so that I can really get in there and actually clean!! Adding a gel polish is optional, but I would recommend:) cuz why not?

45 min

Nail polish

30 min

French nail polish

45 min

Artificial nails

Artificial nails are beautiful to look at, affordable in price and they last a long time.

Nails excl. lacquer

1 hour

Toenails excl. lacquer

1 hour

Transparent on tip

45 min


Foot care is very important, so prevent complaints and give your feet a well-groomed appearance.

Pedicure incl. nail polish

45 min

Gel polish

Reinforce your nails with a layer of gel polish and let your feet and hands shine.

Gel polish on nails

30 min

Gel polish on toes

30 min