Nashe Mobile

Mobile Massages by male Therapist in Harare!

From Harare


A selection of the treatments by Tinashe

Deep Body massage

1–1½ hours


Swedish Relaxation Massage

The world at the moment can be a hectic , chaotic place where you are triggered by things in work or at home this will help. A pressure-based Swedish massage on the tightest and most painful areas of your body ensures you feel great mentally and physically.

1 hour

Relax and Release Massage

a unique blend of calming, gentle, yet firm, intuitive, aromatherapy and therapeutic massage techniques combined with guided mindfulness-based stress reduction meditation.

1¼ hour

Feet massage

30 min


Indian Head Massage

Perfect for these stressful times, helping you unwind and enjoy life again in just thirty minutes. This can be added to any one-hour massage

30 min

Favourite 😻

Each month we offer 1 special massage curtailed by therapist to suit your specific needs

Feel Good Massage

A 90 minute therapeutic full body massage using specially selected essential oils and techniques to nourish and replenish your skin. You choose the mood you want to feel after treatment

1½ hour