NASTY WORK Niagara Falls

life gets real messy sometimes. keep it cute & keep it clean, by hiring us to take care of all the nasty work. 🤪

From Niagara Falls, New York

Laundry Services

lets be honest, sometimes 24 hours in a day simply does not suffice. between working a tiresome job or going to school full time, taking care of your loved ones and making time for yourself, there will always be some things that naturally fall to the wayside. that large pile of sweaty socks or overflowed basket of dirty laundry is a lot more common than you think. don’t beat yourself up about it, just hire Nasty Work services to take a couple extra loads off of your back.😌

Full Laundry Service

Full Laundry Service

seperate, wash, dry, fold, and divide based on type of clothing and person to make your laundry handling completely seamless! all that is left for YOU to do, is unpack your clean clothes & set them in their designated spaces.


dry cleaning


stain removal


DROPPING JUNE 1st 2024!!!! (please do not book beforehand unless you have been given direction to)

Full House

Full House

entire house need a typical deep cleaning but you don't have enough time to hit every room? no worries, book us today for an entire house transformation!

1½ hour


Basement Cleanup

Basement Cleanup

a lot of times the basement ends up overflowing with items that have no other home, which can become overwhelming when you're searching for the items you need. let us organize and deep clean the basement and transform it into a more effective storage space for your belongings!

Quick pick up/ wipe down

Animal hair/smells

Dust Removal


Deep Full Kitchen

this includes everything it takes to make your kitchen clean enough to eat off the floor!

45 min


get to the dirty work

•Wash Kitchen Cabinets / Drawers / Shelves Inside & Out •Deep Clean Freezer - Defrost and Clean •Deep Clean Oven / Microwave / Dishwasher •Move Stove & Vacuum and Mop Behind it • vacuum Stove Vents •Move Fridge & Vacuum and Mop Behind It


Dust/Wipe down

Clean Windows

Wash Bed Linens


Appliance Deep Cleaning