Paty Poker Tattoo

Kaarli Puiestee 8, Tallinn

Let's get together first :)

Hello light being, happy to see you here! I'm Paty Poker from Elfa Loba Tattoo Studio I know how important is when we want to get a new tattoo. That's why I would like to talk to you first, I want to understand what you want to get, what does it mean to you, what you want to represent, what kind of styles are your favorites, in which part of the body do you want it, if you have any reference or anything else that you might want to share with me. That's why I created this consultancy totally for free specially for you

Consultancy (let's talk for free)

15 min

Book now your tattoo session

As we already spoke before, you already shared with me your wishes regarding what you wish for your new tattoo Now we are ready to have our Tattoo session. Please feel free to find the best spot available that matches our calendar :) IF we didn't talk yet, you can book a Consultancy for free with me before booking a Tattoo Session. See you soon :)

Small Tattoo

Smaller than your finger

2 hours

Medium Tattoo

Smaller than your hand

4 hours

Large Tattoo

Larger than the two options above

6 hours