afspraken op gesloten dagen kunnen in overleg. Alleen contant betaling. Geen pin beschikbaar zijn


Biab handen

A gel-like nail polish applied as an overlay on natural nails or short extensions

Biab nails - Basic

1¼ hour

Biab nails - Nail Polish

1¼ hour

Biab nails - verlenging

2 hours

Biab nails - verlenging & polish

Biab- opvullen


Give your hands and nails a neat, healthy and stylish look.

Biab - basic

1¼ hour

Biab - nail polish

1¼ hour


2 hours

Artificial nails

Artificial nails are beautiful to look at, affordable in price and they last a long time.


1 hour

Nail art

0,50 per nagel, deze optie selecteren als u nail art wilt


Foot care is very important, so prevent complaints and give your feet a well-groomed appearance.

Gel polish

Reinforce your nails with a layer of gel polish and let your feet and hands shine.

Gel polish on nails

45 min

Gel polish on toes

45 min