Raaw Stylez

14320 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, California

Shopping by appointment

Welcome to Raaw Stylez!!! My name is Micah and I’m here to get you hip on all the latest trends. HOW IT WORKS: Step 1: Book which packet you want to book with me. Step 2: We will set up a meeting for the consultation. There we will discuss sizing, what event you’re attending , personal style, aesthetics, budgets, transportation and any other questions you may have for me. Step 3: Relax while I shop for you. Just be available for phone calls and messages for payment of clothing and approvals. Step 4: I will send you an invoice on your total amount Step 5: Complete payment Step 6: I will send you the items on where to get them or I drop them off to you.

Personal Stylist

Let’s talk aesthetics!!! Please read each packet thoroughly!!!

5–5½ hours


Personal Shopper

Just adding a couple of items to your closet to improve your aesthetic!! Please read each packet thoroughly!!!

4 hours


Style advise

Free 15 min consultation

15 min