Royal Paws

Royal Paws a premier pet caregiving service in Brooklyn New York by The Crown Store as seen in Bazaar Daily News. Phone: 917-685-0791

From Brooklyn, New York City

1:1 walks

Some well-deserved alone time for your dog

60 minute walk

To stretch the legs


20 min walk

30 min stroll

Reward Redemption

Requires Approval

Additional Dog

Reg 30 min walk


Bath & Blow Dry


Dog Park (Hourly)




1-4 charged in blocks of four hours


Park Playdate (Hourly)

Manual Entry

Manual entry charges are special rates provided to customer. Administrator approval required

Cat Care

Bath & Blow Dry

Overnight Services

Sitting (Cat)

Sitting hours 6am to 4pm after this time it is considered overnight. Charges will be based on this time schedule.

Boarding (Cat)

Hours - 6am to 4pm (overnight begins at 4:01)

Sitting (Dog)

6am-4pm overnight begins after

Boarding (Dog)

Boarding Extension (Hourly)

In the event of late flights, late returns, etc

Other Services

Mail Check

Water the plants

Animal Photography

$25 for set of 5 photos with professional grade camera