Sam’s Tweets

6540 Rue Starnes, Montreal

Sam’s Tweets


Hand made premium bird feeders (corn free)

Afternoon Tweets

Hand made tea cup bird feeders. Add seed then somewhere in your garden or flat on a surface and enjoy the visit from your feathered friends! (Includes 1 bag of seeds)

Premium Seed Bag

Premium Seed blend perfect for any feathered friend!

Tweet-A-L’Eats Combo

Two hand made feeders to encourage more visitors!

Feeder Bundle

Includes 1 Afternoon Tweet, 1 seed bag and two Tweet-A-L’Eats

Axel’s Room Spray

Room Spray

Essential Oil Room Spray

Room Spray Combo

Two Room Sprays

Mila’s Play Clay

Play Clay 2 for $3

4 for 5 play clay