Shekinah Healing

653 Collins Avenue Extension – Whitehall, Dublin

Reiki Healing - in person session

Full session is up to 90 mins. Reiki treatment itself is for 60 mins the remaining time is for talk time before & after your treatment. I will guide you through your session, firstly we will chat about what brings you to a Reiki treatment & where you are desiring support. I will be laying my hands in a series of hand positions beginning at the top the head down to the feet - laying of hands on or off the body depending on your preference. Each person's experience during a Reiki session is unique to them, however some common experiences are -deep relaxation, tingling sensation, a pleasant sensation of the flowing of energy through the body. After the session we will close our time together with the answering of any questions you may have & post session integration as you bring the healing energy forward with you into life.

1½ hour