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Caa Avenue – Lanzones st. Balikatan, B. F. International Village, Las Piñas

Biab nails

A gel-like nail polish applied as an overlay on natural nails or short extensions

Biab nails - Basic

30 min

Biab nails - Nail Polish

45 min

Biab nails - Nail art

1 hour


Give your hands and nails a neat, healthy and stylish look.

Soft gel Extensions

1½ hour

Nail polish

30 min

French nail polish

45 min

Artificial nails

Artificial nails are beautiful to look at, affordable in price and they last a long time.

Nails excl. lacquer

1 hour

Toenails excl. lacquer

1 hour

Transparent on tip

45 min


Foot care is very important, so prevent complaints and give your feet a well-groomed appearance.

Pedicure incl. nail polish

45 min

Gel polish

Reinforce your nails with a layer of gel polish and let your feet and hands shine.

Gel polish on nails

30 min

Gel polish on toes

30 min