Video Content Lab

U Průhonu 5, Prague

Rent Studios

Self-service studio rental includes equipment from the main list and props. You arrive at the studio, open the door yourself using a one-time code that we will send in advance, set up, clean up after yourself, and lock the key locker back

Self-rental studio

1–10 hours


Rental with specialist

1–10 hours



"Podcast Optimum"

▪️ Studio rental for 2 hours ▪️ Preliminary setup of equipment ▪️ Filming with 3 cameras ▪️ Sound recording from 2 microphones (2 podcast participants) ▪️ Operator's work for 2 hours ▪️ Video cover for YouTube and 3 covers for Reels ▪️ Sound mixing into 1 audio track, cleaning ▪️ Basic editing of the overall video ▪️ Cutting and editing 3 Reels up to 30 seconds each ▪️ Cutting for a teaser up to 30 seconds

2 hours


Additional Services

Basic editing with subtitles up to 30 seconds (per video)

Advanced editing with effects up to 30 seconds (per video)

Cutting and editing teaser or Reels up to 30 seconds from a podcast or webinar, if the client does not provide time codes

Scriptwriting (title + script + text for reels)


Preliminary setup of equipment

Snacks / lunch / coffee / sparkling water

Covers for Reels, YouTube

Transfer from home to the studio and back

Purchase of props (depends on client's needs)

Sound mixing into 1 audio track, cleaning

Makeup and styling

Presence of a makeup artist in the studio (per hour)

Touch-ups, slight changes to the look throughout the shooting period

Stylist's assistance in the studio

Preparation and purchase of 3 outfits, fitting on the client, return of clothes