XLNC Dance Studio

At XLNC Dance Studio, we are more than just a dance studio – we are a vibrant community of passionate dancers...

E Wt Harris Blvd – 316-A, Charlotte


Studio A is our largest studio, ample space for group rehearsals, choreography sessions, and events. With its generous dimensions, mirrored walls, and high-quality sound system, it's an ideal choice for dance troupes and larger gatherings. Hourly Rate: $60.00/hr

1 hour


Studio B strikes the perfect balance between size and intimacy. It's well-suited for mid-sized dance groups, fitness classes, and artistic workshops. The studio features full-length mirrors and a reliable sound setup. Hourly Rate: $50.00/hr

1 hour


Studio C is a spacious and adaptable space that can accommodate a variety of activities, from dance rehearsals to yoga classes. The studio's flexible layout and excellent sound infrastructure make it a favorite among creative professionals. Hourly Rate: $70.00/hr

1 hour


Studio D is a versatile space suitable for solo practices, small group sessions, and intimate workshops. Its cozy ambiance, sprung flooring, and adjustable lighting make it a comfortable setting for dancers to refine their skills. Hourly Rate: $30.00/hr

1 hour


Studio E offers a unique elongated layout that's great for practices requiring extended movement sequences. Its expansive space, professional flooring, and vibrant energy create an inspiring atmosphere for dancers and performers. Hourly Rate: $70.00/hr

1 hour

Teacher Rental Rates

Looking to rent the studio for teaching class? We give teachers a special rate! Choose between Room X1 or X2. Hourly Rate: $50.00/hr or 65.00 1/hr 30 min

1 hour