Zie’s braids

Fort Worth


Large Boxbraids

3½ hours

Medium Boxbraids

4½ hours

Small Boxbraids

5 hours

Straight backs


2 Cornrows

1 hour

4 Cornrows

1½ hour

5 Cornrows

2 hours

6 Cornrows

2 hours

7 Cornrows

2¾ hours

8 Cornrows

3 hours

Lemonade braids

Large lemonade braids

4 hours

Medium lemonade braid

5 hours

Small lemonade braids

Hair styles and dyes

Wash and dry

Wash , dry and detangled

Blow out

$5 dollars extra if hair is long

Box Dye


Soft locs

Stater locs

Butterfly locs

Dye locs

All appointments must pay 30

Send to this cashapp $cherryberrychillers