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Fancy booking a 1-2-1 session or group class? see our available services below

1-2-1 Training & Behaviour

Initial discovery call

Schedule a phone consultation to see how we may be able to help you with training and behavioural needs. This is a free non obligation chat lasting 15-30 minutes to discuss your needs and what we offer. You can book directly online or pop us an email at

Remote Training - Online

Do you live further afield or would rather train from the comfort of your own home? Then online training could be perfect for you! Our online sessions take place via Whatsapp video and are 45 minutes long. These sessions allow you to talk through the particular behavioural and training issues you might be facing and talk through a behavioural modification plan for this. The initial training session comes with a training plan and resourses for you to take away.

1-2-1 training session - New customer

Training session for new customers which can take place with us here in Thaxted, in your home or outside depending on the specific issue (PLEASE NOTE: we cover a 5 mile radius of Thaxted or additional travelling costs may apply). Sessions will last approximately 60 minutes and include access to resources and a full report and training plan afterwards.

1 hour

1-2-1 training session - Previous customer

A training session for customers that have previously used our training services. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes and can take place with us here in Thaxted, in your home or outside depending on your needs.

45 min

1-2-1 Behaviour consultation and plan

Our behaviour consultations are designed to deal with issues that are more complex than standard training. These can include problems such as: resource guarding, separation anxiety, multi dog household relationships and reactivity to name a few. Our initial consultation involves a 90 minute session to assess your dog in person and determine the correct plan for them. After the session a personalised behaviour modification plan will be sent to you as well as ongoing support via Whatsapp. It is unlikely that a specific behavioural issue will resolve after one session alone, therefore, it is reccomended that follow up appointments are scheduled to help with progress.

Kids Around Dogs Session - For parents and children

Have you recently become a parent? Or are you finding it difficult to manage your child and dogs relationship and interactions? This 60 minute session is perfect for both you and your child to discuss both training for your dog and ways you can manage interactions to ensure safety for everyone. Session includes a full report and training plan as well as reading materials.

Training Walk - Dog only

We understand that finding the time for training sessions may be difficult. That's why we offer our dog only training walk sessions. These sessions are designed for those who may need work with specific behaviours that may make walking difficult for both you and them. Training walks allow for both physical and mental stimulation and each walk is specifically tailored for your dogs needs. Sessions are 45 or 60 minutes


Training Packages

Puppy Package

Have you recently welcomed a puppy into your family? our 1-2-1 puppy training programme can be perfect if you are looking for a more individual approach to training rather than a group class. The programme takes place with a 45 minute training session offered each week at a time that suits you for a total of 4 sessions. Covering topics such as... - Lead walking - Calm meet and greets - Enrichment - Recall - Confidence building - General obedience and doggy manners - Puppy fear periods At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion plus an individual training plan and advice to use going forward.

3¾ hours

Improver Dog Package

Have you attended puppy training but wanting to develop more life skills and doggy manners? then this 4 session 1-2-1 course could be perfect for you. Sessions are timed at one 60 min session and four 45 min sessions. In these sessions we will be covering: - Loose lead walking - Eye contact/focus - Developing owner and dog bond - Settling in public spaces - Recall - Meeting and greeting other dogs and people - General doggy manners

Reactive Rascals Package

Do you struggle with your dogs reactivity with other dogs or people? This can make training more challenging, especially not being able to attend group classes. Our Reactive Rascals package includes 4 sessions (one 60 min and three 45 min) and a behaviour modification plan to help your dog with their reactivity.

Kids Around Dogs - Fear of dogs in children package

Do you have a child who is experiencing a fear of dogs? as a Kids around Dogs approved professional I offer a 10 session programme to help your child overcome their fear and live safely around dogs. The programme consists of 7 online and 3 in person sessions with a certificate of achievement at the end.

3¼ hours

Group Classes and Workshops