What is different between Vev and Vev+?

The free version of Vev gives you all the basic tools you need to accept orders, reservations, and online payments. Vev+ gives you unlimited access to premium features that’ll save you time, make your page look nicer, and offer tools to run your business more efficiently.

The free version of Vev is great if you are running a very small business, use it for personal use, or just to streamline something. Every new page comes with a free one-month trial to Vev+, this way you can see for yourself if Vev is right for you.

Vev+ is the no-brainer subscription for all small businesses out there:

  1. Give your page a more personal look with a cover image and by picking a font
  2. Manage all contact info more easily
  3. A more professional page with very limited Vev branding, and much cleaner confirmation and reminder emails for your customers
  4. Smarter ways to protect your availability, limit for example how far customers can place their order/reservation in advance. And by letting the duration in your calendar differ from the customer-facing time
  5. Ability to export your data per day, month, quarter to a CSV format to use elsewhere
  6. Coming soon: the ability to add additional fields to your ordering page. Ask for example, for the name of someone’s pet if you run a dog grooming salon.
  7. Coming soon: add a capacity to products and services. For example, if you rent out bicycles, you can define how many you can rent out simultaneously.
  8. Coming soon: The ability to edit/merge customer data

Your financial support to Vev helps us to keep improving the software for everyone. We are committed to making Vev as affordable as possible and offer an additional discount if you pay for the entire year upfront. This way, Vev+ starts at just 89 a year. If you only need Vev+ for a limited time, subscribe to our monthly plan at 8.99. All plans can be canceled at any time.