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Within just a few clicks you have everything up and running. You get a website, link, QR-code, emails, business cards and much more for your business. Vev’s automated follow-up emails to your customers after their appointment can also boost your revenue!

We make it super easy to do what you love. You get a lot of tools so you can focus on your talent.

Share your link.

Add your link to your website and socials. A link in bio could boost the appointments of your business up to 40%.

Cover your business.

Add a cover to your header that matches your business. Impress your customers of your business even more.

Get paid however you want.

Get paid

It's your business so you decide how and when you want to get paid. Vev enables full payments ahead of time, deposits and getting paid on the spot. You don't need a payment machine anymore.

You can use any device you own as long as it has an internet browser. When you have an iPhone you can soon use Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Scan to Pay

Let your customers scan your QR for you to get paid. Vev will keep track of who has paid for their service so your business administration is always up to date.

Contactless payments

Accept contactless payments with only your phone. No extra terminals or hardware needed.

Vev App for iOS

Get the Vev App

Vev is now available on the App Store for your iOS device.

The Vev App enables even more functionalities, such as Tap to Pay. It's currently only available for iOS, with Android coming later this year.

Notifications for you

When your customer makes an appointment, cancelation or change you will receive a notification.

Customer details

For business owners it's super handy to have all the details of customers at their finger tips. Allowing you to send a text, call or email whenever you need.

Some of our heroes using Vev

  • I got my first booking through this.


    Artisanal bread.

  • Being able to reschedule appointments is super nice!

    WAVE Hair

    Hair atelier.

  • This is so simple to use.

    Confidence Hairsalon

    Founded in 2017

  • The reminder and self-service features are brilliant.


    Swimming lessons.

  • Every day is like proving yourself, if you can't provide value then people won't return

    Speech Therapy Mainak Santra

    Speech therapy.


Upgrade your toolset

Start your business for free. Earn more with Vev+ while doing less.

With Vev+ you will get many extra features that can take Vev to the next step. The price of Vev+ will be announced this month.

Customer management (CRM)

See your customers in the best way. This lets you build relationships and get more appointments. And soon you can search and find your most valuable customers.


Add notes about your customers. These notes show up around the appointment, so you can pick up the conversation with your customer where you left off last time.

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