All the features for your business

We believe in empowering small and big businesses alike by building smart features that will save a ton of time, work and headaches. Browse through all the features available with Vev and read on how these features will be able to help you to better run your business.

Ever-updating software

We are constantly developing Vev to better work for you with every new update. However, the system also learns from your usage and will start working better for you everyday.

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Your complete overview

Detailed info of all that is happening for your business today, yesterday or tomorrow directly from your dashboard. Also quickly pull up a summarized view on the performance of your business in any month.

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All customers at your fingertips

A simple CRM saving all your customers' info automatically online, a call, mail or text is never more than a tap away. Manually add unlimited specifics about each customer to the system too.

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Your company, your styling

Add your logo, show a cover image, customize font styles, and choose a color. After, everything will automatically get styled in line with your business, from your page to every single email that your customers get from you.

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Receive payments your way

Decide how and when you want to get paid. Vev enables full payments ahead of time, deposits and getting paid on the spot. You don't even need a payment terminal anymore with Tap to Pay for iPhone.

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Marketing made easy

You get a webpage, QR-code, emails, business cards and much more for your business. We also have a whole academy filled to the brim with lessons to help you start earning more!

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An iOS app to keep you up-to-date

Managing your days just got even easier with the Vev app, now available on the App Store for all iOS devices.

the Vev app

Delivery on your terms

Does your business do deliveries? Vev will handle those too, automatically planning the best route for your deliveries and making sure it's not outside of your delivery zone.

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Taxes built-in

No more guessing sales tax and tax rates for your business, easily set them from your dashboard for all products or per product specifically.

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Sell tickets to your event

Hosting an event of any kind? With Vev you will soon have all you need to sell tickets for your event.

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Organize classes of any size

Hosting classes with your business? Vev will soon take care of that too, managing the availability for each class for you (using your instructions)!

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