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Allow customers to book a time slot that works for them, and for you. Make life easier, just like 1000’s of other entrepreneurs using Vev.

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Mobile booking system

The booking system your customers will love

Ready for bookings, 24/7

Vev's booking system is the easiest way to simplify and improve your business. Share your booking link on your website, or social media to help customers schedule their bookings. Vev is easy to set up, and very simple to manage. Oh, and it's free too.

  • Enter your business hours
  • Share your booking link
  • Have customers self-schedule

The booking system of your dreams

Vev is available on your computer, phone, and tablet. Add your products and services once to let the bookings roll in right after. Sit back and enjoy automated email confirmations, flexible rebooking options for customers, and built-in online payments.

  • Available from any device
  • Tonnes of smart features
  • Payment integration

Receive up to 35% more bookings

Stop answering emails or DM’s late at night. Handling bookings through Vev frees you up from doing all the (re)scheduling yourself. Many businesses see a big boost in bookings as soon as they start working with Vev.

  • No more emails or DM's
  • Save many hours
  • Get more bookings

Vev is very intuitive and simple! It helps me greatly to avoid chaos.


A business booking system designed for today’s businesses

Better workdays start here

Vev is designed together with business owners like yourself. Your daily overview provides clarity to easily switch between the bigger picture, orders per day, and your customer data. Workdays become more relaxed, with Vev on your side.

Vev lets you focus on your day. You can get a summary of your day, see all your appointments, and even see the customers you will be seeing. At the end of the month you will automatically receive monthly insights.

Designed to prevent no-shows

Schedule automated reminder emails to avoid no-shows. Confirm bookings with a (small) deposit, or payment in full. And customers get email notifications for each booking they make.

Don’t lose your personal touch

From the ‘Customers’ tab in your dashboard, you can easily add a little note to a customer’s info card. Their phone number, email address, and full booking history are also just a tap away.

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The easiest business booking tool that’s around

Vev solves your daily booking puzzle

You can set the duration of every item on your booking page. And if applicable, also “clean up” time in between bookings to get ready for the next customer. We auto-suggest the next best available time, to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Block times with ease

Getting bookings is as important as blocking time off to not get bookings. Add some “Me Time” to your calendar to run a quick errand. Set up rules to prevent (or encourage) last-minute bookings. And keep your breaks flexible by letting the system plan them within a time range.

Vev lives inside of your calendar

In addition to your dashboard, you can also subscribe to the calendar feed. Great if you like to see your personal stuff and business bookings all in one place.

Some of our heroes using Vev

I got my first booking through this

Kapsalon Prince

Wellness & Beauty

Being able to reschedule appointments is super nice!

Eva Wolters


This is so simple to use!

Elisah's Clips


Wow!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! 😱

Sunlash Studio

Wellness & Beauty

This is perfect for me. Thank you!

Beard beard


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Accept online payments to enhance business bookings

Get paid with Vev

Money flows safely through the system and into your bank account when customers pay ahead for their booking. You decide if they need to pay the full amount ahead of their booking, or that only a partial deposit is required to confirm the booking.

You can use any device you own as long as it has an internet browser. When you have an iPhone you can soon use Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Plans change, so refunds are easy

Customers can reschedule freely within the rescheduling policy you set in Vev. When a customer needs to cancel, they’ll automatically get the amount refunded if your policy allows that.

The safest way to get paid

Connect with Stripe to let customers pay with popular methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Customers can also pay on the spot. They’ll scan a QR code from your phone and complete the transaction from the comfort of their own device. No additional hardware is needed!

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