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Appointment Scheduler

Be open to schedule new appointments 24/7, without you having to do anything. See appointments roll in from your dashboard or your favorite calendar app, whenever you decide to check new appointments.

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Appointment scheduler

Delivery Software

Delivery software that puts you in charge, no matter in what way you choose to actually deliver. Vev plans the best route, handles delivery costs and keeps track of your administration, for free.

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Online delivery software

POS System

Be ready for business whenever there is business, it’s never been easier to process orders from your customers. Use the easy-to-use POS software on any device to process everything that comes at you during the day and have a clear overview by day's end.

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POS System

Reservation System

Have your calendar on display 24/7, and get new reservations when is most convenient for your customers without you having to do anything. Vev is as flexible as you want it to be. Accept new reservations at any time, or block your calendar minutes-hours-days in advance. The same goes for cancellations.

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a hand is holding a cell phone with appointments on it

Field service software

No more manually planning routes, Vev automatically gives you the most efficient route depending on the service appointments of that day. Manage your work area and make sure to get paid fair callout costs, no matter where you go!

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a hand holding a phone that says today on it


A better contact list for your business. Buttons to call, text, or email your customers are all at your fingertips, at all times. Easily store your customers' preferences too, and never forget a detail about anyone ever again.

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CRM for small businesses

Ordering System

Be ready for more orders 24/7 with your own online page, then process them with ease from your dashboard whenever works for you. Never worry about payments either with the built-in payments integration.

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Ordering system

Booking System

The Vev booking system is available on your phone, laptop, tablet or whatever device works best for you. Sit back and enjoy automated email confirmations, flexible rebooking options for customers, and built-in online payments.

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Booking system

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