What is Vev+?

Vev+ is the paid version of Vev. It gives you unlimited access to premium features and it removes referral advertisement for Vev, in for example your confirmation emails. It’s the most affordable subscription out there for your business, and in return, it helps to support Vev in continuously improving the product.

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Popular features

  • Picking a font and be able to upload a cover image to make your page look nicer
  • Just a small Vev-logo at the bottom of your page, and no advertisements for Vev in emails
  • Ability to better manage your contact database
  • See all appointments/orders in your favorite calendar app such as Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar.
  • Smart time management: limit the amount of days people can book ahead, and set your own duration in addition to the customer facing duration.
  • Export data per day, month, and quarter to other apps in CSV format
  • Soon: the ability to add custom fields on your ordering/booking page
  • Soon: add capacity to products and bookings
  • Soon: editing and merging customer data

A subscription to Vev starts at 8.99 per month or 89 a year, excluding VAT or sales tax.

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