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Canine love: building
Perfect Paws

Growing up with an unwavering adoration for dogs, Rochelle always knew her future would be intertwined with these furry companions. However, the path to discovering her true calling wasn’t straightforward. Post-school, the uncertainty of her next steps loomed large until the world of dog grooming serendipitously opened its doors to her. Immersing herself in this new venture, Rochelle’s love for dogs found a new expression, leading her to hone her skills under the guidance of a seasoned groomer.

In the heart of a quaint town in Ireland, lies a gem that has swiftly become a sanctuary for our four-legged friends: Perfect Paws, a boutique dog grooming salon. At the helm of this thriving enterprise is Rochelle Ogden, a young entrepreneur whose journey from a dog lover to a successful business owner is nothing short of inspiring. ”From as far back as I can remember, dogs were my world, but transforming this love into a thriving business? That was a journey I never expected,” she shares. For Rochelle, the salon was more than a business, it was a personal sanctuary where she could foster a quiet, intimate environment for her and her canine clients.

”From as far back as I can remember, dogs were my world.”

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After school Rochelle gradually discovered her professional destiny. Her passion for dogs evolved into a potential profession when she accidentally came across dog grooming. “Dog grooming just kind of fell into my lap and it inspired me to follow a course. Then I fell in love with it. Fortunately, I qualified for a microfinance loan from Microfinance Ireland. This enabled me to participate in online courses, among others, in order to become a certified dog groomer,” Rochelle remembers.

She always enjoyed working in a quiet environment, preferably on her own. So after completing her dog grooming education (including an apprenticeship of a year), Rochelle really wanted to start her own salon. The microfinance loan helped a lot to realize this desire.

Financing her dream this way, Rochelle highlights the critical role of supportive financial frameworks for budding entrepreneurs. ”The loan was a lifeline, allowing me to lay the foundations for Perfect Paws without the overwhelming stress of financial strain,” she recalls.

The loan was a lifeline.

Community support

The salon quickly became a community staple, thanks in part to Rochelle‘s initial foray into advertising via the local newspaper. This seemingly old-fashioned approach paid off, emphasizing the ongoing value of community connections in a digital world. ”My first customer walked through the door thanks to that ad, and from there, word of mouth took over,” Rochelle says with a hint of pride in her voice. “It's a reminder that in a world buzzing with digital noise, local, personal touchpoints still hold immense power.”

Navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Rochelle found solace and support in the local dog grooming community—a group of individuals who, rather than seeing each other as competitors, viewed one another as comrades in arms.

”The support from the grooming community here is incredible. I am on a WhatsApp group with all the groomers around my city. We share tips, cover for each other during busy periods, and genuinely care for each other's success,” Rochelle shares. The community also helps during not-so-busy periods. Sometimes she has a quiet week, at such times, other groomers (who happen to be fully booked) send their dogs to Rochelle.

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”The support from the grooming community here is incredible.”

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Partnering with Vev

The turning point for Perfect Paws came with the discovery of Vev, a booking software that revolutionized how Rochelle managed appointments and customer interactions. “Discovering Vev, after a year of searching in vain, was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle,” Rochelle enthuses. ”It's not just a tool; Vev has become a partner in my journey, simplifying the operational side of things so I can focus on what truly matters - caring for the dogs and their owners.”

Vev's impact on Perfect Paws has been profound, streamlining the booking process, enhancing customer communication, and freeing Rochelle to invest more time in personal interactions and quality service. ”Vev has been a game-changer. The simplicity, the efficiency—it’s transformed my business. I can’t imagine Perfect Paws without it,” she declares. Through her partnership with Vev, Rochelle has not only optimized her business operations but also reinforced her commitment to personalized care.

Discovering Vev, after a year of searching in vain, was like finding the missing piece of a puzzle.


Rochelle’s personal growth and resilience have developed quickly through her entrepreneurial journey. She explains how running Perfect Paws has broadened her interpersonal skills and fostered patience, reflecting on her learning experiences with a positive outlook. ”I‘ve developed my social skills a lot, learning to speak to people much older or younger than me, from totally different cultures. It's brilliant to see the different faces that come into my salon,” she notes.

She further highlighted the lessons in patience that business ownership has taught her, saying, ”I have learned to be more chill, especially when things happen that are out of my control, like customers canceling a minute before the appointment or leaving their dog for three hours. It’s taught me a lot about patience.”

Rochelle emphasizes the importance of self-belief in the face of doubt from others. ”I have had loads of people telling me, you are not going to be able to start a business, you are straight out of school.” Despite these challenges, Rochelle maintained a strong conviction in her abilities, concluding that, ”It's truly just about believing in yourself and knowing that you can do it because it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. Nobody really knows what's going on in your mind or in your life.”

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”Nobody really knows what's going on in your mind or in your life.”

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Looking to the future, Rochelle dreams of expanding Perfect Paws into a chain of luxury grooming salons, embodying not just top-tier grooming services but also the warmth and personalized care that has become her trademark. ”I envision a future where Perfect Paws isn't just a salon, but a community of dog lovers, united in their passion and supported by a business that genuinely cares,” she muses.

Perfect Paws is more than just a business, it is proof to the power of following one's passion, the strength of community, and the transformative role of technology in modern entrepreneurship.

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“Vev has been a game-changer.”

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