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When you’re running a florist, your customers will expect a certain degree of personalization and understanding of their unique tastes. If you’re constantly battling with new admin tasks and struggling to keep on top of the day-to-day operations of running a business, the customer experience can start to suffer.

Floral decorations are vital for any thriving business. Getting equipped with a robust florist software suite can make all the difference to your ability to deal with orders and help give your customers of any happening business with the high-quality service they’re expecting.

If you’re in the market for new software tools for your business, here’s 7 of the best florist software tools on the current market, and some of the features that can help you increase your sales and service.


1. Vev

Who It’s For

Vev’s florist software is absolutely free and features a simple, intuitive UI that anyone can pick up in minutes. This ranks it as the best florist software tools for any business owner who doesn’t have a large tech budget, and wants to avoid tackling a steep learning curve to optimize their operations.

Features Overview

With its robust POS, CRM, and delivery software, Vev is an ideal software solution for any small florist who wants to start developing their operation and needs to digitize processes quickly.

The POS system can be used on any iPhone or iPad quickly and easily, so you and your staff can get set up and start processing payments in minutes. You can use the POS system with a physical cash drawer to accept card payments, or take payments in a variety of digital methods, including chip-and-pin, tap-to-pay, and scan-to-pay.

The delivery system makes it easy to prioritize and process orders right to your customer’s door, and Vev also comes with a scheduling system which can be repurposed as a way of organizing “click and collect” orders.

Through all of these processes, the software’s CRM helps you to analyze customers’ purchasing behavior and personal preferences, and use these findings to tailor the customer experience to the individual.


  • Forever free, with features that provide everything you need to run your florist’s store efficiently.

  • $89.00 per year for Vev+, for users who want advanced features.


  • The forever free version has a generous range of features.

  • No-code interface that allows great customization and is very easy to use.

  • Quick setup with ongoing support from Vev’s expert team.

  • The option to use iPhones as an in-store payment terminal.

  • Versatile payment options, including scan-to-pay and tap-to-pay.

  • Intuitive in-built delivery software and loyalty program management.


  • While the free version is perfect for most florists, the no-code design may be limiting for business owners who want to include a lot of advanced features.

  • There’s currently no enterprise version, meaning some larger multi-branch stores may find the scalability limited.

2. Floranext

Who It’s For

The Floranext platform provides a POS system and supporting features designed specifically for florists, . It includes a website builder with flexible branding features and presets or setting delivery charges, customizable notes to send with your products, and other features. This makes it one of the best florist software choices for businesses that are looking to expand their reach and want to simplify the process of developing their online presence.

Features Overview

Floranext’s purpose-built POS system has several different functions to help process in-person, over-the-phone, and online orders more efficiently. The payment processing system is compatible with tap, swipe, and insert card transactions, as well as popular digital wallet apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The florist websites tool comes with a variety of themes you can choose to reflect your brand identity, used within a simple drag-and-drop site builder platform. This makes it easy for growing florists to set up their first website and start taking online orders, or for online businesses to refresh their online presence and give their customers a more polished and professional experience.


  • Custom pricing available through the Floranext sales team.


  • Intuitive website builder with several branding opportunities.

  • Versatile POS that accepts a variety of payment options.

  • Purpose-built software platform specifically for florists.


  • Non-transparent pricing.

  • Website templates could clash with your existing vision for your online presence.

  • Some users have reported that the mobile app isn’t as intuitive or functional as the desktop version.
florist wave

3. FloristWare

Who It’s For

Another platform designed specifically for ue by florists, FloristWare offers both a robust card processing POS system and a reliable delivery management tool with route optimization features. The emphasis on delivery features makes it one of the best florist software options for florists who don’t make a lot of in-person sales, or those who are planning to pivot to a more delivery-oriented model in the near future.

Features Overview

FloristWare’s POS system emphasizes lower processing fees and reliable hardware for all its users. Aside from the standard insert, tap, and swipe card processing methods, the POS tech allows you to take payments through Apple Pay, allowing your users more flexibility to pay the way they want to.

With the delivery management and route mapping software, florists can either manually set out delivery routes for their drivers, or use the platform’s automatic mapping to find the most efficient route for each delivery. This means you’ll be able to finish more deliveries in less time, and improve overall efficiencies for the online arm of your business.


  • Basic: $149 per month.

  • Advanced: $199 per month.

  • Enterprise: $500 per month.


  • Versatile POS for processing both in-person and online deliveries.

  • Efficient automatic route mapping to maximize the efficiency of your drivers.

  • Minimal processing fees compared to many other tools on the market.


  • Somewhat dated interface.

  • High starting price compared to other tools.

  • Some users have reported difficulty when trying to get the Shopify integration to work.

4. Curate

Who It’s For

Curate is a software suite that’s oriented towards businesses in the events niche, including events florists. This ranks it among the best florist software for business owners focusing on weddings or other events, or those who are planning to pivot to this niche in the future.

Features Overview

Curate’s features are focused on automating and simplifying the tasks that florists in the events niche have to carry out whenever they’re booked for an event, helping to save time that can be invested into developing the business.

When you sign up to the platform, you’ll have access to versatile proposal templates that you can fill with the details of the client and event, tools to accurately calculate the budget and margin you need for a project, and even create, combine, or segment orders for your wholesalers in-line with the demands of your upcoming project.


  • Team: $166 per month billed annually, or $199 per month billed monthly.

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing available by contacting the Curate sales team.


  • Purpose-built for wedding florists and businesses that cater to other events.

  • Comes with a variety of templates to help simplify the process of creating proposals, invoicing customers, and sending orders to suppliers.

  • Quick and easy export to excel and pdf for all documents and reports, ensuring a more accessible experience or customers or contractors.


  • High starting price relative to its features.

  • Lack of versatility and not many features for local shop based florists.

  • Lacking in branding and customization options.
floral pos

5. The Floral POS

Who It’s For

The Floral POS is provides multi-functional sales management platform designed specifically for florist shops. The online shopping and order management features are integrated with a number of CRM functions that can help you tailor the shopping experience to the individual. This makes it one of the best florist software choices for florists who want to stand out from the crowd by giving their customers a more personalized experience.

Features Overview

As the name suggests, The Flower POS’s core features are centered around its point of sale system. This tool contains all the details of a given order on one screen to save users from having to flip from one platform to another, and has a simple, “one-click” customer-side interface to simplify creating orders and checking out through delivery, in-store, or pickup.

The Customer Picker tool allows you to organize customers’ personal and company names in an included CRM system, which can then be searched from the order-processing part of the software to help you tailor orders to the individual. The reminder service allows you to enter details about customer occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays, then automate email and SMS promotional messages when their occasion is coming up.


  • Free trial available.

  • Custom pricing plans available through The Floral POS sales team.


  • Simple intuitive interface.

  • CRM features to help tailor your service to the individual.

  • Customer-informed promotional messaging platform.


  • The variety of features is somewhat basic compared to many competing platforms.

  • Dated aesthetic.

  • Non-transparent pricing.

6. BloomNation

Who It’s for

BloomNation’s platform covers several of the essential functions you’ll need to tackle as a florist, providing a professional online store builder, a POS, and delivery management. The software also gives users access to a helpful customer review management tool for prompting reviews and staying notified about customer feedback. This makes it one of the best florist software options for businesses who want to invest more resources into reputation management.

Features Overview

BloomNation’s main three features cover the basic functions of any popular florist software. The custom website builder allows you to build a branded ecommerce store with presets specifically for selling flower arrangements. The POS system gives you an intuitive tool for managing your orders and checking your payments and analytics, while the marketing services follow up orders with automated emails and SMS reminders to generate repeat business.

Its customer review management gives you the option to automatically prompt your customers with invitations to leave a review, and will notify you whenever a new review for your florist’s store appears publicly.


  • Custom pricing plans available through BloomNation’s sales team.


  • All-in-one platform that covers all the basic functions of running a florist.

  • Simple platform that doesn’t require a steep learning curve to use.

  • Review management features to keep track of your online reputation.


  • Non-transparent pricing.

  • A no-code design which might make more advanced store features inaccessible.

  • Limited store building customization compared to some other platforms.

7. Dove POS

Who It’s For

Dove POS by Myteleflora is a simple yet effective florist POS, offering mobile device compatibility, easy integration with your existing ecommerce website, and marketing support features to help keep business flowing. The Dove POS team also makes a commitment to one-on-one training and tech support, making it one of the best florist software options for business owners who don’t have a lot of onboarding resources.

Features Overview

Dove POS is mobile-first and compatible with a wide array of smartphones and tablets, allowing you to easily start processing orders from a mobile-oriented store, or keep track of sales and performance when you’re on the move. Automatic marketing emails and digital postcards can be generated within the platform to attach to your orders and keep customers in the loop about their orders and upcoming promotions.

The platform provides all users with one-on-one training and tech support from a US-based team, ensuring that you’ll have all the help you need when you’re first getting used to the platform or onboarding new staff.


  • Custom pricing available through the Myteleflora sales team.


  • Mobile-oriented for ease of use with your phone or tablet.

  • Simple marketing integrations to promote your business.

  • Reliable tech support from a US-based team.


  • Dated aesthetic.

  • No CRM features.

  • Limited branding and customization.
dove pos

Finding Your Florist Software

We hope this guide has helped you understand the scope of florist tools on the current market, and brought you a step closer to finding the best florist software for your business.

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