Best 6+ free
delivery software tools
for small businesses

It’s 2024. People are used to ordering stuff online. Small businesses that don’t offer delivery will lose customers to bigger market players. Guaranteed.

To start delivering your products as a small business, you’ll need the help of a software solution. Below, we list the best free delivery software tools we could find.

What is delivery software in the first place?

Delivery software makes it easier for small businesses to handle their deliveries, be more efficient, make customers happy, and save money.

It takes care of the complicated parts of delivering things so businesses can focus on growing and offering great service to their customers.

The benefits of using delivery management software as a small business

Using delivery management software can be super helpful for small businesses. For one, it’ll ensure your business operates smoothly.

You’ve probably ordered something online before. Let’s face it. There’s nothing worse than ordering something online, and having to wait months for it to arrive.

Here’s a list of ways you’ll business will benefit from using delivery software:

1. Smooth operations

Delivery software helps businesses organize their deliveries, making everything run smoothly. It keeps track of orders, assigns them to drivers, and ensures everything is delivered on time.

2. Efficient routes

The software figures out the best routes for drivers. It considers things like distance, traffic, and delivery time windows to make sure everything gets where it needs to be quickly.

3. Happy customers

Delivery software lets businesses and customers track deliveries in real-time. This means customers know when their packages will arrive, reducing anxiety and making them super happy.

4. Proof of delivery

With the software, businesses can collect proof that deliveries were made. They can get signatures or take pictures, so there's no doubt about it. This helps solve any delivery issues and keeps everyone accountable.

5. Smart decision-making

Delivery software provides businesses with reports and analytics on their delivery performance. This helps them make smart decisions, improve their operations, and provide even better service to their customers.

By using proper delivery management software, small businesses can make their delivery process a breeze. It helps save time, money, and keeps customers smiling.

The 6+ best free delivery software tools of 2023

Without further ado, here are our favorite free delivery software tools for small businesses. Please let us know which one you like best.

1. Vev

Vev’s free delivery software helps you to take orders and deliver those in the best way possible. You get your own online page on which customers can place their orders. All you need to do is share that link with your customers.

Vev also automatically plans the best route for the delivery and makes sure it's not too far out for you. Based on your preferences you can choose in which way you wish to deliver. You can opt for bike, car or truck as a delivery method. The system will calculate the time it takes based on the transport method you choose.

This tool is perfect for home chefs, pizza delivery businesses, or any other type of small business that has products to deliver. Best of all, it’s completely free, so even if you run a small time, seasonal business like delivering Christmas trees, Vev has got you covered.



Free forever

Vev's delivery software

2. Route4me

Route4me is a dynamic route planner that lets you optimize and plan your delivery routes. It works best for businesses that have more than 10 addresses or destinations to visit per day.

This is how it works: you type in, copy and paste, or upload your customer list. Next, you pick the amount of drivers and let the tool optimize the routes for you. It’s super quick and requires little to no training.



Free 7 day trial

Route4me's route planner software

3. Shipday

This delivery platform lets small businesses like restaurants or virtual kitchens organize their deliveries. It’s easy to use and boasts features like real-time location tracking and SMS notifications.

Great for saving time on logistics and avoiding commissions on deliveries. We really like the live delivery tracking feature. This platform is free for up to 10 drivers, after which you’ll need to get a paid account.



Free for up to 10 drivers

Shipday's smart delivery platform

4. Zippykind

This delivery management software lets you streamline your whole delivery operation and offer customers that “Uber-like” experience. At the same time, Zippykind offers a similarly great experience for your drivers and couriers.

Here’s how it works: your store receives an order, which you then assign to a driver. The driver receives the delivery, updates the store and the customer, and delivers the product. It also helps optimize the route. Comes with a neat mobile app for iOS and Android.



Free up to 50 delivery tickets / Free 14 day trial of paid plans

Zippykind's delivery management software

5. Circuit

This platform is focused on making delivery easier, mostly for individual delivery drivers. It also works for larger delivery teams. This also allows direct-to-consumer businesses to have their products delivered, without having to train new delivery drivers.

It comes with a package tracker feature so you can track whether your product is delivered on time. Small businesses will need to use the teams package, which synchronizes delivery management for both drivers and dispatchers.



Free 14 day trial

Circuit's delivery route planning tool

6. Onfleet

This last mile delivery solution helps businesses with their end-to-end-route planning, dispatch, communication and analytics. This also includes automatic SMS notifications, accurate ETAs, real-time driver tracking and proof-of-delivery.

Although this platform can be used by small businesses, too, it’s actually more suitable for SMBs and even enterprise clients like supermarket chains. Still, we really like the set of features Onfleet boasts. These make for a very well-rounded delivery solution.



Free 14 day trial

Onfleet's last mile delivery solution

Which delivery management software is the best for your small business?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when choosing one of the above delivery software platforms.

Do you only work with a handful of drivers, or do you work with a whole fleet? And does your business really need elaborate features like real-time driver tracking, or is this just a nice-to-have?

Asking yourself these questions will help you decide whether to opt for a more enterprise solution like Onfleet, or whether to go with simple and robust free delivery management software like Vev.

If you try out any of these tools, make sure to get in touch and share your opinion.

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