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The power of
local newspapers in
boosting your business

When you think about the tools that can fuel your business growth, does your local newspaper come to mind? For many of us, the answer might be "no." You are probably thinking of a social media campaign that will generate multiple viral videos that will sell you out in minutes. Social media is indeed a great way of attracting new clients for your business. But think about it differently: While many entrepreneurs are burning the midnight oil, brainstorming their next viral video, there's an often overlooked channel that can yield real, tangible results. Yes, we're talking about that same old newspaper that's delivered to your doorstep or found at the corner store.

The fact is, while the digital age has presented a decline in local newspaper readership, there's still a significant group of people who prefer this traditional medium. They're not endlessly scrolling through their phones but are flipping pages and taking in local news. And guess what? All those people live close to you and can be seen as potential customers for your business. In addition to that, many local newspapers also publish their articles online. Win-win!

It’s not as hard as you might think to become the talk of the town

Local journalists are always on the lookout for fresh content. In the end, they have to fill a newspaper with interesting content. Make those journalists’ lives easy; Drafting an engaging press release not only provides them with valuable material but also gets your business in front of those dedicated readers.

So, what do I need to reach those journalists?

Journalists are hunting for inspiring stories, and behind every business, there is an inspiring story. The process is simple: Try to get in touch with journalists who work for the local newspaper in your area and send them your press release. Do you really want to close the deal? Send them the product you are selling or offer the service you provide for free. Now they can really experience why you should be the new talk of the town.

A local entrepreneur who is featured in a local newspaper

Writing a press release

Huge chance that you have never written a press release before. Therefore, we would love to help you to get started. A press release should consist of at least the following parts:

Press Release Requirements:

  1. Headline: Clear, concise, and catchy. It should instantly tell journalists why your news is worth publishing.
  2. Subhead: A brief line that elaborates on the headline and offers a bit more detail.
  3. Date and Location: Always start your press release with the date and city where it's originating from.
  4. Introduction: The 'who, what, when, where, and why' of your story.
  5. Body: Detailed information. Dive deeper into the story here.
  6. Quotes: Offer a personal perspective. Quotes from key people in your company add credibility and a human touch.
  7. Boilerplate: A short paragraph about the company. This provides context for any journalists or outlets that aren’t familiar with you.
  8. Contact Information: So journalists know how to get in touch with questions or for further details.
  9. Clear Ending: Usually marked with "###" to indicate the end of the press release.

Here is a little example of what a press release could look like, keep in mind that the more personal, you make your story, the better:


"GreenBite: The New Cafe in [City] Serving Up Sustainability with Every Sip!"


"Sourcing Local, Serving Fresh: GreenBite Brings Eco-Friendly Dining to Downtown [City]."

Date and Location:

[City, State, Month Day, Year]


Eco-warriors with an appetite, rejoice! GreenBite, a revolutionary new cafe, opens its doors in downtown [City] on [specific date], setting a new standard for sustainable dining.


Located at [specific address], GreenBite isn't just another cafe; it's a mission. Dedicated to sourcing local produce, reducing waste, and creating a community around conscious consumption, GreenBite promises not just a meal, but an experience.

From the upcycled decor to the biodegradable cutlery, every aspect of GreenBite sings the song of sustainability. The menu boasts a range of organic, vegetarian, and vegan options, appealing to every palate.


Jane Doe, Founder of GreenBite, says, "We envisioned a space where the community could come together, enjoy delicious food, and leave knowing they've made an eco-friendly choice. GreenBite is more than a cafe; it's a step towards a greener future."


GreenBite, based in [City], is a trailblazing cafe dedicated to promoting sustainable dining practices. By sourcing locally and prioritizing eco-friendly operations, GreenBite offers its patrons not just food, but a vision of a sustainable future.

Contact Information:

For more information:

Jane Doe

Email: jane@greenbite.com

Phone: (123) 456-7890

A user of Vev having a full page article which fully booked her agenda

Bonus material

Plus, for those of you still longing for that social media clout, there's nothing stopping you from snapping a picture of your feature in the local paper and showcasing it across your digital channels. We see some potential for high engagement with your followers! It's proof of your community engagement and a building up the authority for your business to become way more trustworthy.

Good luck!

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