Enhancing Office Utilization
through Playful Learning

Silvia works at Solved, a real estate advisory company exclusively for tenants and users of office space. Working in a landscape of hybrid work, optimizing office utilization and fostering a sense of collaboration among employees have become crucial challenges. She recognized the need for change and devised a creative solution: the Escape Room Hybrid Working. By transforming the concept of an escape room into a practical training game, Silvia aimed to reshape behaviors and attitudes towards office usage. The game not only provides an entertaining experience, but also effectively communicates the importance of physical collaboration and office functionality.

It started with a board game

Silvia's initial attempts at gamifying the office experience involved traditional board games like Snakes and Ladders and Clue. However, they fell short of generating engagement and impactful learning outcomes. It was the introduction of an escape room game that struck a chord with her colleagues. The chaotic yet collective nature of an escape room experience mirrored the dynamics of an office environment, inspiring teamwork and problem-solving skills. With no single winner but a shared victory against time, the escape room effectively stimulated collaboration and highlighted the significance of unified efforts.

"We struggled a lot with other tools. With Vev it was just done in one go. It was so easy looked nice and simple for our customers."

Building a mobile escape room

To materialize the idea, Solved collaborated with Escape Room Designers and decided to create a mobile escape room housed inside a large truck. This mobile setup allowed the escape room to be transported to various locations, such as corporate premises and trade fairs, maximizing accessibility and participation.

The escape room experience delivered comprehensive lessons on effective collaboration, office usage, and the optimization of workspace. Participants found themselves immersed in a simulated office environment, where they had to overcome challenges related to hybrid work, such as pitching ideas and navigating digital document management. As the escape room experience unfolded, participants collectively discovered the nuances and best practices that lead to office success. Through a debriefing session at the end, individuals gained valuable insights into the importance of office collaboration, behavioral adjustments, and efficient utilization of office resources.

Managing space with Vev

With space for eight people at the same time there was a need for a booking tool. Solved started looking for a tool that allowed to book time slots in advance or on the spot. That’s how they found Vev. “Vev is a user-friendly platform, it’s so simple to use”. Vev ensured that the number of participants remained manageable, preventing overcrowding and preserving the individual booking experience, even mirroring real-world office dynamics.

“Vev played a pivotal role in streamlining the booking process for the escape room experience.” Vev allowed Silvia and her team to effortlessly manage bookings while ensuring that group sizes remained within optimal limits. Vev's adaptability also permitted customization to align with the branding and visual preferences of Solved, ultimately enhancing the overall experience for participants.

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"I loved that Vev could be tweaked in terms of look and feel."

Gamified learning

Silvia's innovative approach to revitalizing office utilization through gamified learning illustrates the power of immersive experiences in shaping behaviors and attitudes. By leveraging the principles of an escape room, Silvia successfully transformed the office exploration process into an engaging and educational adventure. The mobile nature of the escape room, facilitated by Vev, enabled widespread accessibility and participation, making it a valuable tool for companies seeking to optimize their office environments and foster a culture of collaboration in the era of hybrid work.

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