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Flor provides a safe space where you can unwind and embrace your true self, with recreational classes and educational sessions for teachers to workshops fostering interaction among individuals with diverse cognitive profiles.

My passion, my motivation

Flor, an actress with training in theater education and body expression in Uruguay, decided to open a space that merged her two passions: theater and teaching. This idea arose from her desire to create a safe environment where both professionals and enthusiasts could explore their expressiveness through theater.

“My motivation came from two aspects. Firstly, it comes from trying to create training spaces for colleagues and to generate a network of contacts among us, to make our task a little easier. And secondly, by wanting to create safe spaces where you can learn the performing arts and where you can develop from that place, so that anyone can act and theater is not something that is inaccessible”

Before the pandemic, Flor had already experienced conducting theater workshops and consultations with other colleagues, but the situation temporarily halted these activities. Additionally, Flor had worked (and continues to work) extensively in private institutions before deciding she wanted to start her own venture.

I wanted a place where theater was not just an activity, but a channel for expression and empowerment

These experiences motivated her to open a space where she could have control over what she teaches and how she teaches it, thus emerging Teatro y Docencia as her side hustle.

“Like theater, entrepreneurship is an act of courage”

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A place for everyone

After uncovering her motivation, Flor immerses us even deeper into the world of Teatro y Docencia, revealing the passion and purpose driving her business: “I wanted a place where theater was not just an activity, but a channel for expression and empowerment”

In Teatro and Docencia, Flor designs a wide range of programs, each meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of each individual group. From acting workshops for adults to social inclusion programs, Flor customizes the content of each course to ensure it suits the individual needs of the participants.

Her approachability and personalized touch have been key to her success, attracting a diverse and committed audience, and most importantly, ensuring repeat business. “For me, real inclusion means offering programs that are accessible and meaningful to everyone, regardless of their age or skills”, Flor comments.

For example, one of Teatro y Docencia offerings is the Opportunity in Crisis program, which provides a safe and supportive space for mothers. Flor understands the complexities of motherhood and recognizes the therapeutic value of theater in this context. “Motherhood can be an overwhelming challenge, and I wanted to offer a place where mothers could find comfort, express themselves, and connect with each other through theater”, Flor shares.

Additionally, Flor not only offers acting classes but also commits to training future theater teachers. She acknowledges that “being an actor is not the same as teaching theater”,so she uses her studies in pedagogy to guide other members of the guild in this transition. Her focus is not limited to transmitting acting techniques but also on how to teach them effectively and comprehensively, thus ensuring the quality of theater education in her community.

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“For me, real inclusion means offering programs that are accessible and meaningful to everyone, regardless of their age or skills”

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Word of mouth and social media

In the small Uruguayan market, word of mouth proves to be a powerful tool for attracting clients to her business. “Some of the first clients already knew me from when I worked on some workshops before the pandemic or by recommendation from other teachers I advised”, Flor comments.

However, Flor identified the potential of social media, especially Instagram, as an effective way to expand her reach, so she decided to train herself and hire a digital marketing professional to guide her in this process.

Initially, Flor faced difficulties mastering the complexities of Instagram. “At first, I had a hard time organizing myself and managing Instagram. I didn't know how to make a reel or segment audiences for advertising”, she shares.

“With the guidance and knowledge gained during my training in social media, I am now able to handle my Instagram presence on my own, effectively. Additionally, this audience segmentation allows me to attract specific clients, with the investment I make being quite low for what I get, making it very profitable. Also, in the long term, I have managed to bring in more clients organically”, Flor adds.

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An adventure with Vev

Flor stumbled upon Vev in an unexpected way while scheduling a nail appointment for herself. She realized that this type of software could be very beneficial for her time management challenge, so she searched online to learn more and was impressed by Vev's aesthetics and functionality.

She highlighted the tool's ease of use and customization, as well as its ability to automate reminders for both her and her clients. “It's like a choose-your-own-adventure, but at the scheduling level”, she comments.

Her previous experience coordinating appointments through scattered messages contrasted markedly with Vev's efficiency, leading her to describe it as “super intuitive” and “wonderful” for managing her business. “It allows me to save time and focus on what matters”, Flor highlights.

She says with a smile: “I now wake up knowing that I have scheduled one or two consultations for that day and that gives me peace of mind. I don't have to worry anymore. And it's so nice that you can always adjust your availability immediately”

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“Vev is like a choose-your-own-adventure, but at the scheduling level”

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Future plans

Flor shared her future plans, inspired by her passion for theater and education. She envisioned creating a dedicated physical space, where she could partner with other like-minded professionals and expand her educational offerings.

This vision included longer-term courses and greater integration of people in the theatrical realm. With this perspective, Flor aspires to build a vibrant and ever-growing community around theater and education.

In her words: “I want to have a physical space that is mine, where I can also create a professional acting career, a more specialized training as well. And therefore, enjoy it a little more”

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Flor shared valuable advice for future entrepreneurs, based on her own experience and pragmatic approach to business:

  • Try and act: She encouraged those who hesitate to take the plunge and try their luck, emphasizing the importance of action and experimentation. “Do it, try it. If not, you will never know if you are passionate about it, if you like it, or if it works”, she emphasized.
  • Make use of social media: She highlighted the usefulness of social media as a research and promotional tool for entrepreneurs. “Use and explore the world of social networks. And if you don't have time to explore, delegate them to someone who knows”, she advised.
  • Avoid comparisons and stay focused: She stressed the importance of avoiding comparisons and focusing on one's own path. “Don't compare yourself to the person next to you. Don't compare yourself to what you see on social media either. Even if you think there are thousands of businesses like yours, it will never be the same because there is only one person like you”
Even if you think there are thousands of businesses like yours, they will never be the same because there is only one person like you

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