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Running a spa isn’t as relaxing as getting a treatment at one. Maintaining a high standard of service across your day-to-day schedule can quickly become overwhelming when there’s a constant flow of clients and the various treatments they’re looking for.

If your business is growing quickly and you’re finding it hard to manage demands, finding robust spa booking software could make all the difference.

If you’re in the market for an intuitive tool to make running your spa easier, this guide will help you find the best spa software for your small business’s unique needs.

Here are 4 of the best options to consider for your Spa business.


1. Vev

Who It’s For

Vev offers the best spa booking software for small businesses who want to customize their scheduling and client experience without dealing with overly complex systems that require a steep learning curve.

Features Overview

Vev offers a highly flexible booking system that allows you to customize different aspects of the client experience. Vev’s platform gives you a detailed view of your appointment schedule alongside helpful dashboards showing your cash flow, client data, and other details.

With easy access to this data and user-friendly CRM features to give your customer service a more personal touch, Vev’s spa booking software has everything you need to be a more effective business owner and provide the best service possible for your clients.


  • Forever free, with features that provide all you need to run a small business efficiently.

  • $89.00 per year for Vev+, for users who want advanced features.


  • The forever free version has a generous range of features.

  • No-code interface that allows great customization and is very easy to use.

  • Quick setup with ongoing support from Vev’s expert team.

  • User-friendly platform without a complex learning curve.

  • Versatile payment options, including scan-to-pay and contactless.

  • Intuitive in-built CRM platform so you can tailor services to clients.


  • The no-code design could be limiting for spa businesses who want to add complex niche features.

  • It’s missing certain supporting features you may want, such as shift management for large teams.

2. Mangomint

Who It’s For

Mangomint’s purpose-built spa software is designed with an emphasis on automation. It has several features for any spa manager who wants to tackle their daily duties without many extra frills.

Features Overview

Its “Express Booking” function appointment view is accessible to any client. At the same time, its Virtual Waiting Room allows clients to check themselves in from their mobile devices for a more convenient, streamlined experience.

Additional features such as staff management, built-in POS features, and live chat all contribute to a centralized platform for managing essential functions at your business.


  • Free trial available.

  • $165 per month for a maximum of 10 individual service providers, with higher-priced plans at $245 and $375 per month for a higher number of users and advanced features.


  • Easy set-up with readily-available technical support from the Mangomint team.

  • A flexible array of integrations with other tools for a more customized experience.

  • Intuitive staff management features for common HR tasks.


  • Expensive compared to some tools with comparable features.

  • Some users have reported glitches and scanning issues, which can limit efficiency.

3. Boulevard

Who It’s For

Boulevard prides itself on its flexibility and is well-suited for business owners who want a system tailored to their unique service offering. Calling itself “software for self care”, Boulevard is a versatile booking software option with different iterations for spas, salons, barbers, and other businesses that provide services from a physical premises.

Features Overview

Its client-directed booking software allows you to automate away a large chunk of the admin that can come from managing a spa or salon. This gives clients a reliable way to make their bookings quickly and easily.

Its client management system will automatically save key data sets about your clients with every new booking. This gives you an easy way to review client relationship details and tailor your services to their preferences.


  • “Essentials” package for a single location starts at $160 per month.

  • Premier tier with additional and more advanced features is $295 per month.

  • Prestige tier, with even more features, is $410 per month.


  • Highly accessible interface without a complex learning curve.

  • The payment processing makes it easy to organize payouts for individual staff members.

  • Robust CRM which allows you to organize client documentation easily and securely.


  • Limited integration features compared to some other tools.

  • There is a slight delay in reporting after making a sale.

  • Some users have reported difficulties when trying to change the details of a booking once one is in the schedule.

4. Meevo

Who It’s For

Meevo’s spa and salon software is made for small entrepreneurs who like to take a hands-on approach to their analysis and marketing.

Features Overview

The online booking system, “Meevo Self-Pay” payment processing tool and CRM give you all the tools you need to keep bookings seamless. At the same time, the business goals and detailed reporting features show you the flow of business at your spa and how well you’re working towards your targets.

To keep your clients returning and new ones flowing through the door, Meevo also has a wealth of marketing features to partner with the customer management features. These allow you to send automated email campaigns, segment your customer lists, and even post content to your social media profiles.

This range of features places Meevo among the best spa booking software for small businesses that want to manage both logistics and marketing from one familiar platform.


  • All sales are customized on a business-by-business basis following a request for a demo.


  • A range of marketing and reporting features that aren’t seen in many other tools.

  • High-quality demo and training modules to help new users get to grips with the system.

  • Customizable dashboards for each staff member to keep staff flexible.

Essential Features in Spa Booking Software

Spa booking software for small businesses allows you to handle everyday logistics while making it easier for you and your staff to manage their schedule.

Some of these will be comprehensive business tools to handle several aspects of running your spa. On the other hand, others will focus on a few specific functions, such as appointment scheduling or client management.

When you’re looking to equip your business with spa booking software, it’s important to research some of the features currently available for these software suites and review which ones will be the most crucial for your business.

Booking software

This allows clients to choose the service they’re looking for, browse available time slots, and secure an appointment without having to communicate directly with you or your staff.

Client data management

When you have repeat customers, the data about their services and can be organized using your spa software. This will help you tailor your service based on client behaviors and preferences, ensuring a more positive experience.

Notifications and messaging

Spa software can also be a great way to keep in touch with your customers, letting you send them reminders about their upcoming appointments, share special offers or promotions, or easily engage in any other type of digital communication.

Loyalty programs

A lot of the best spa software offers loyalty program features, allowing you to incentivize repeat business and delight your clients with exclusive rewards.

Online payment processing

Many pieces of spa software have built-in online payment portals, providing a quick and easy way for clients to settle their bills before an appointment. This will take the strain off your staff who manage POS systems in person and make it easier for you to monitor cash flow.

They may also offer integrations with accounting and digital banking tools for one seamless flow of data with every booking.

Why You Should Consider Spa Booking Software

Spa booking software for small businesses has many benefits that can help you streamline your operations, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately develop a stronger, more profitable business.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider integrating spa booking software into your small business.

Fewer No-Shows

One of the most central and obvious benefits of using spa booking software is that it will help to keep you and your clients in the loop, and reduce the risk of missed appointments and no-shows.

By using a shared appointment platform where you can quickly and easily see what your week looks like, your clients will be more likely to make it to their appointment, and you’ll have all the notice you need to prepare a service they’ll love.

Moreover, if you tend to have an issue with clients who cancel their appointments without much notice, a booking system will let you reach out to other booked clients and see if they’d like to bring their appointments forward. This means you’ll have less downtime, and maintain a full calendar where your business operates efficiently.

Easier Bookings

Without a booking system accessible from the client’s side, you’ll have to arrange appointment details through phone calls, emails, and other more traditional methods.

These will not only take time away from other aspects of your business, but could also open the door to complications like clients having to call up before their appointments to confirm treatment details, arrange payments, etc.

With reliable spa booking software, you and your client will have one dedicated platform where they can see when their appointment is booked, their treatment details, payment options, and so on.

Aside from this, many spa booking software suites allow business owners to customize their service offerings within the booking platform. Booking software can help you offer treatment packages or recurring bookings at set intervals (e.g, monthly or weekly). This takes the complexity out of helping clients who may want something more specific and tailored to their needs, rather than a one-off appointment.

Automated Marketing

Many small business owners go looking for spa booking software simply to make their scheduling simpler and more efficient. Still, the capabilities of good booking software go much further than that.

With the best spa booking software, you can integrate your marketing initiatives into the everyday operations of booking your appointments. There are many ways you can do this, such as giving clients the option to sign up to your email marketing list, notifying them about special offers with push notifications through your app, or automated messaging aimed at lapsed clients.

When you can bring marketing activities into the day-to-day operations of running your business, you’ll find it easier to work towards your goals for business growth without taking too much time away from general management duties.

Streamlining Your Spa Business

When searching for the best spa and salon booking software for your small business, it’s important to brush up on essential features, optional extras, and how much overall value you can find with your tech budget.

We hope this list of spa booking software has helped you determine your main priorities and find the best spa booking software for your small business.

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