Payout schedule

Aside from the default payout schedule, credit- and debit card payments may take a couple of days to process on the side of your customer's bank.

Go to Settings > Payments to view the status of individual payments, including payouts that are on their way to your bank account.

By default, the payout schedule is set to weekly. Payments that have been made in the days before a payout are rolled up into a single payout to your bank account. The default weekly payout is there to ensure that your account has sufficient funds available for refunds or cancellations.

Credit- and debit card payments take between 1-3 business days to settle before they are made available to you. This is due to schedules set by credit card companies on the side of your customer's banks and not something Vev or its payment processor Stripe can influence.

Once your customer has made a payment, and Vev has registered that payment, the customer's payment is already on its way to you. The processes between the customer payment, the credit card issuer (for example Visa or Mastercard), payment processor (for example Stripe) have determine how quickly you will have access to those funds. When a payment is confirmed, the card issuer and payment processor confirmed that the payment is valid, the customer had sufficient funds, and the transfer of money has been initialized.