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Why is delivery software important for home chefs?

When you're running a home food delivery business, you have a lot on your plate. The most important lesson from experienced home chefs is: make receiving orders as easy as possible. Taking orders via phone, WhatsApp, or Instagram “works,” but ask any home chef, you'll quickly lose track, customers perceive you as less professional, or the payment process becomes more cumbersome. So software is great because:

  • Customers instantly see if they fall within your delivery range
  • It's free support for busy entrepreneurs
  • You can quickly accept orders via a personal ordering link
  • You'll have one clear ordering channel, instead of text/phone/email
  • Customers see you as a professional
  • Payment is handled online (and instantly!)

Vev helps me to keep track of all my orders

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How can I get more customers using a delivery system?

The easiest way to attract more customers to your home food delivery business is by increasing ordering convenience. Your delivery software provides a unique link that allows customers to place orders anytime, anywhere. You can easily promote this link online, incorporate it into local advertisements using QR codes, display it on posters, distribute it via door-to-door flyers, or even post it on your front door. This makes it easier for your existing customers to reorder from you, or for them to share your ordering page with friends and family. They can see your offerings, prices, and available ordering times at a glance. Customers also enter their address first to see if they are within your delivery area.

You can easily set order deadlines by using smart software, such as the free tool from Vev. This clearly communicates when customers can place orders and when they can pick them up. It's also possible to create a pickup page, allowing customers to pick up their orders at your home or another designated pickup location.

In summary:

  • Increase ordering convenience with an easily accessible delivery link
  • Use QR codes in advertisements and on menus
  • Encourage customers to share your page with friends and family
  • Set smart order deadlines to avoid missed orders
  • Create a pickup page for customers to collect their orders

What are the main advantages of using software as a home chef?

As a home chef, you'd naturally prefer to be in the kitchen rather than behind a computer. Since there's already plenty to handle when running your solo business, delivery software can lend you a hand with the following tasks:

  • More overview: Orders appear on a dashboard, allowing you to see precisely who your customers are, and what they've ordered daily (plus at what time). The map also displays the most convenient delivery order. Both you and your customers will receive a confirmation email.
  • Increased customer orders: Research shows that order value can be up to 40% higher when customers can view the entire menu at their own speed. This also makes upselling easier with larger portions or value meals.
  • Fewer interruptions: You won't need to respond to messages or emails during evenings or weekends, asking questions like "Can I add this to my order?" or "Actually, one less portion, please." Customers can order, modify, or cancel 24/7.
  • Manage order deadlines: You can set ordering deadlines based on a specific time of the week, a certain number of hours or days in advance, or according to your opening hours. This also applies to cancellations and modifications—a popular feature among many home chefs who use Vev!
  • Personalized page with your brand colors: Showcase your brand by customizing your page with your own company colors. You can choose your logo, images, and three colors on an ordering page. This ensures your page looks great and all emails are sent using your unique color scheme.

How can I further professionalize my business as a home chef?

Home chefs know better than anyone the importance of presenting themselves well, as they are their own business cards. Research by Vev, involving over 50 home chefs, has shown that adding a delivery service is a smart way to professionalize your business.

Customers can easily order from you (or choose pickup) and receive their meals at their chosen time. Vev's ordering software offers the option to manage your own delivery service. Many home chefs also cater for businesses, which often require customization. An ordering page helps significantly, enabling the company's contact person to easily provide the correct order details. Once you have a good logo, distributing an attractive menu with a QR code can encourage customers to place orders directly with you. Another tip is to add online payment options; customers can order online and pay immediately. To summarize:

  • Add a delivery service to complement your pickup offerings.
  • Offer a delivery and pickup page, making it easy and error-free for (business) customers to place their orders.
  • Design an appealing menu, including a QR code, so customers can easily book with you.
  • Support online payments, eliminating the need for handling manual PayPal requests or cash payments.

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