Annemieke teaches people
how to listen
to their body

Annemieke Parren is a "zielscoach" with her own practice called Key of Light. One-on-one energetic sessions are the focal point of her practice, but Annemieke also organizes group sessions and collaborates with colleague Tessa under the name Inner-Ziel.

Together with Tessa, she organizes the holistic fair twice a year and a number of spiritual "soul-shaping" group trips each year. Inner-Soul is also on stage with: "The Theater of the Soul," which ties in with her work as a soul coach. As a "zielscoach", or soul coach in English, she helps people with, as she says herself, "all the matters that relate to the heart & soul".

Listening to your body

"With a background of 30 years in healthcare as a nurse, I've experienced nearly every aspect of the field," Annemieke shares in an interview with Vev. After briefly venturing into lifestyle coaching, she had an epiphany: her decades of experience culminated under this umbrella.

Annemieke quickly illustrates the scope of her work: "Imagine someone suffers from chronic abdominal pain, and medical science finds nothing. And say, ultrasounds or other scans show no abnormalities. Yet, the individual is in agony. If you ask such a person, 'what traumatic or 'indigestible' events have you experienced in your life?' often, they're immediately brought to tears. You touch on a deeper pain. My passion is to help people tune into their soul's whispers so their body doesn't have to shout."

While medicines are crucial, they can't fix everything. The client pleads, 'doctor, help me, give me something', but they should also self-reflect, asking, 'what is my body trying to tell me?'. We often forget how wise our bodies are.

Annemieke elaborates, "It's about prevention and awareness. We're much more than just this physical body. I liken us to Matryoshka dolls. The solid innermost doll represents our physical body, but numerous layers, our energy bodies, surround it. Disturbances can occur in these layers. It's a joy to help clients identify these disturbances. Once pinpointed, they often instinctively know how to resolve them, finally addressing the root cause of their pain. And my clients have often faced significant life challenges."

I'm most passionate about helping people tune into the whispers of their soul. That way, the body doesn't have to shout.

Connecting the dots

Annemieke relishes the positive feedback from her clients. "Some have said this method works better than sessions with psychologists or psychiatrists because it brings them closer to their core," she says. Annemieke takes her time to build trust and rapport, especially in the initial session. She claims an innate sensitivity to sense, feel, and know things about clients. "Sometimes, everything just clicks, like 'connecting the dots'. I see a kind of map materializing, showing connections. When we discuss these connections, clients often recognize patterns in their behavior or recurring situations in their lives. Stuck in thought patterns like 'I'm never seen or heard', they continue to feel invisible and unheard."

Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth has been pivotal for her practice's growth since capturing the essence of Annemieke's help in an advertisement can be challenging. "My sessions are fluid and intuitive, often delving deep into a person's psyche. People don't come to me just for physical ailments."

Chamber of Commerce

Annemieke recalls, "The official start of my business was when I wanted my own practice and, thus, went to the Chamber of Commerce. Seven years ago, we moved, fulfilling my desire for a larger practice with a separate entrance, two therapy rooms on the ground floor, and a group room for ten people."

Not being able to be yourself, or not being allowed to be yourself, is actually sickening

From lifestyle coach to soul coach

Although trained as a lifestyle coach, Annemieke felt that neither the label nor the method aligned with her clients' needs. "I heard the term 'soul coach' in my mind. It's not the soul that needs guidance but rather the individual who needs assistance reconnecting with their soul. Breaking free from old patterns and constraints imposed by society, which can be detrimental. I saw many getting stuck, and I offer them a helping hand; together, we progress."

Vev is very user-friendly. I recommend it to anyone!

Back and Forth

Outsourcing her scheduling to Vev has provided Annemieke with peace of mind. "At its core, I absolutely love what I do. But the peripheral tasks that come with it? Those can be a real pain. That's why I appreciate being able to delegate my scheduling to Vev. It brings tranquility, and provides me some freedom. I can close off my availability when I want to, and open it when I want to. If someone asks via an app or email, 'Can you do this day or time?', it's often a, 'No, I can't. But I'm free on this day.' Vev provides that calm. Otherwise, you end up in this constant back-and-forth."

Still, not everyone is a fan of online appointments. But Annemieke has a workaround for that too. "Some clients still prefer a personal touch. I respect that, and it's perfectly okay. These are the people who'd call and say, 'Hey, when can I see you next?' I'll then manually input them into the system for record-keeping, and their slot is secured. It's very user-friendly. I'd recommend it to anyone!"

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