From Coffeeshop owner
to a Successful
Popup Restaurant

Maurice, former owner of the trendy coffeeshop and sandwich shop called 50/50, has undergone a remarkable transformation in his career. In a recent interview, he shared his entrepreneurial journey and how he eventually ended up with his current successful venture, a popup restaurant called Rijp.


“The coffeeshop 50/50 was not just a place where people were provided with coffee and sandwiches, but Maurice also organized Comedy nights there and served roasted chicken on Fridays. It was a beloved spot in the neighborhood. However, over time, Maurice began to dream of having his own restaurant”

“Rijp's fusion of exquisite cuisine and breathtaking locations leaves guests mesmerized and craving for more.”

The dream and the reality

Unfortunately, due to high costs, hard to find locations, long working hours, and the responsibilities of his family, Maurice realized that running a traditional restaurant was not a feasible option. But Maurice wouldn't be Maurice if he didn't come up with something ingenious. That's when he came up with the concept of "Rijp," a popup restaurant.

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“Rijp's success lies in its ability to offer not just a culinary delight, but a unique and unforgettable experience.”

Selling seats in unique locations

At Rijp, he sells fully catered evening experiences through Vev tickets. Each of these evenings is always sold out, and thanks to prepayment, Maurice doesn't have to invest anything upfront. He sells 20 seats per evening and collaborates with a fantastic chef to provide guests with an amazing culinary experience.

What makes Rijp truly unique is its location. Maurice always ensures that his popup restaurant is situated in a fantastic and unique place. Whether it's a beautiful garden, a historic building, or a breathtaking view, Rijp's guests are consistently surprised by the atmosphere and ambiance.

View from an exclusive dining event by Rijp

A restaurant without the burden

Maurice is not only satisfied with the success of Rijp, but he also enjoys the flexibility that the popup concept offers him. His dream of owning a restaurant has come true in an alternative way, allowing him to share his passion for cooking without the burdens of a traditional hospitality business.

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“My guests pay ahead with Vev and I sell out weeks in advance. So I don't have to invest.”

Think creatively

Maurice's story demonstrates that entrepreneurship is not always a straight path. Sometimes, you have to think creatively and adapt to circumstances in order to make dreams come true. Maurice has proven that with perseverance and innovative ideas, success is within reach.

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