Monica, founder of Mamma Mudrikah

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Today, we feature Monica from Mamma Mudrikah, a home-based chef in Zwijndrecht who sells Indonesian dishes.

Monica has been building her business since April 2018, with the desire to bring a taste of Indonesia closer to people and share the ultimate (distant) family feeling. The name Mamma Mudrikah is a tribute to her husband Martijn's biological mother.

We see that you call your weekly menu "The Taste of Mamma Mudrikah." How do you find that 'taste' every week? What inspires you?

Monica: Our rotating weekly menu is called The Taste of Mamma Mudrikah. I'm inspired by everything that comes my way during the week – what I see, hear, and taste around me. This can include YouTube videos (specifically Indonesian ones), cookbooks, and conversations about food with others. It's also my taste and what I feel like making and eating now. Sometimes, a customer will request a specific dish; if there are no other requests, I'll make that one dish.

How did you start Mamma Mudrikah? Did it begin with one customer and then snowball from there? People can order from you in Zwijndrecht. How do they find you, and what do you do to grow your customer base?

I started with the idea of making homemade side dishes, beginning with atjar tjampoer (a sweet and sour vegetable salad). I made these in jars and sold them at our local Indonesian store. Gradually, acquaintances began asking if I could make a full Indonesian meal. I initially hesitated to sell my food, but eventually, I took the plunge, created an Instagram and Facebook account, and things took off from there. My Instagram page is @mammamudrikahfood, and on Facebook, it's Mamma Mudrikah. I also have a website: I post on these platforms, and word-of-mouth helps my customer base grow, which I find incredibly fun!

How important is Instagram for reaching new customers? Do you have any tips for other home chefs?

I think Instagram is vital because it's an excellent platform to showcase beautiful photos. It helps me reach a wide audience. I can show what I sell, who I am, and what Mamma Mudrikah stands for. However, I rely on local customers for pickup orders. It's also enjoyable to receive messages from followers who live far away but find inspiration in my posts. This energizes me. On Facebook, I target local customers by posting in local groups.

Customers can order "The Taste" up to a week in advance. How did you develop this system, and does it work well for your customers?

The full Indonesian meals can indeed be ordered up to a week in advance, while The Taste of Mamma Mudrikah can be ordered up to a day before. I designed it this way because I prepare everything fresh to order. The Indonesian cuisine is labor-intensive and time-consuming, so knowing the orders in advance helps me plan and lovingly prepare the dishes. I also have a family with four children, so planning is necessary.

On Instagram, I do rely on local customers for pickup orders, but on the other hand, it's genuinely enjoyable to receive messages from followers who live far away but find inspiration in my posts

It seems you also have an online store where you sell products. How is it managing that alongside cooking and your personal life?

The products are a nice addition to the food, allowing people who live further away to try our offerings.

What are your future plans for Mamma Mudrikah?

Well, my plans... I certainly have plans. It seems like they never stop in my head, haha. I want to make more Indonesian sweet treats, and after the summer vacation, there will be some small changes coming. As for the more distant future, my main goal is to write a children's cookbook filled with Indonesian recipes. Opening a mini-restaurant is a big dream of mine.

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