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There are few things more satisfying than digging into a batch of quality, homemade baked goods. Unfortunately, the process of making and delivering them isn’t so easy!

If you’re running an independent bakery, there’s a whole host of important admin tasks you’ll need to account for, from getting orders out in time to managing a delivery software promoting your products to keeping track of client preferences.

If it feels like you never have enough time to tackle all the responsibilities on your plate, then incorporating some reliable bakery software into your ways of working can help.

In this post, we’ll go through a round-up of 7 of the best bakery software platforms on the current market that you can use to streamline your bakery’s operations.


1. Vev

Who It’s For

With a user-friendly online ordering system, Vev comes with a robust CRM with countless marketing features, and reliable reporting all completely free, Vev is the best bakery software for anyone who needs to optimize efficiencies at their business without spending a lot of money or dealing with a challenging learning curve.

Features Overview

Independent bakers will be delighted with Vev’s free ordering system, which gives you one centralized platform to take new orders and make sure you’re getting them out the door on time. The user-friendly platform can be customized to include your business logo and color scheme for a more genuine reflection of your brand.

From there, you can add a complete list of your products with high-quality photos and descriptions, and allow your customers to pick out their baked goods, make their payment, then track the order as you prepare it and send it to their door. Vev also has a robust scheduling system that can be used to process collection orders.

Aside from frictionless order processing, Vev also has a CRM where you can organize the details of your most active customers, and send out periodical marketing emails so they’re aware of your most enticing promotions. While using Vev, all the data from your customer interactions will be automatically feed into a set of user-friendly reporting tools, showing you the sales from your ordering system and the general performance of your business over time.


  • Forever free, with features that provide all you need to keep your bakery running smoothly.

  • $89.00 per year for Vev+, for users who need additional advanced features.


  • A multifunctional free version that will give most bakeries all they need.

  • User-friendly no-code interface that still allows for great branding and customization.

  • Easy setup and readily-available tech support.

  • User-friendly with no complex learning curve.

  • Versatile payment options, including scan-to-pay and tap-to-pay.

  • Robust in-built CRM so you can tailor orders and marketing to your customers.


  • While the free version is perfect for most businesses, the no-code design may disallow certain advanced features.

  • There’s currently no enterprise version, meaning some medium-to-large businesses may find the scalability limited.

2. Jotform

Who It’s For

Although Jotform is used for a range of business functions that have little or nothing to do with bakeries, its free version includes an order management table template with real-time updates. This feature of the platform makes it one of the best bakery software solutions for bakers who don’t mind a bit of a learning curve and want to save money on tech.

Features Overview

As the name suggests, Jotform is an online form builder that you can use to customize forms, configure the actions that a submission will trigger, and then add these forms to your website.

One of its many free table templates is for order tracking, which can be used with an order form to harvest relevant data instantly and show the progress of the order in real-time.

The original order form template comes with basic fields including customer name, product, and phone number. However, Jotform users are free to customize this to better suit their ways of working, for example adding a field for allergies or special instructions.


  • Starter: Free

  • Bronze: $34 per month.

  • Silver: $39 per month.

  • Gold: $99 per month.

  • Enterprise: Contact sales for a custom pricing plan.


  • Versatile free version.

  • Customizable forms to reflect your specific ways of working.

  • Reliable real-time tracking.


  • Utilizing some of the more complex features requires CSS knowledge.

  • Pricing tiers have monthly submissions limits, which means you may have to amend your subscription unexpectedly during a busy month.

  • Some users have been disappointed by the lack of customization options for the report visualizations.

3. Blink

Who It’s For

Though it’s nominally designed for restaurants and supermarkets, Blink’s ordering system can easily be adapted to suit the needs of a small, independent bakery. With a variety of custom filtering options in its sales reporting, and the option to generate instant reports through its own Microsoft Power BI reporting panel, Blink ranks among the best bakery software for business owners who are committed to data-driven decisions and improvements.

Features Overview

Blink’s order management system is optimized for frictionless transaction fulfillment and speedy ordering process, meaning that your customers will have no trouble placing an order through your mobile app and keeping an eye on its progress.

The live user-side analytics will allow you to access key details about your drivers’ route and delivery progress, while the Microsoft Power BI reporting feature will help you highlight your best-selling items and customer behavior patterns. These and other key datasets can help you inform your future strategy for more effective deliveries and promotions as you work on developing your business.


  • Ordering website only: $450 per year.

  • Ordering website with mobile apps: $900 per year.


  • Detailed, real-time order tracking on the user and customer side.

  • A range of reporting features to help you analyze your performance.

  • Easy to set up.


  • Lacking branding and customization compared to other platforms.

  • Some users have reported issues when trying to get a response from customer service.

  • Users who are shopping around for tools have reported confusion when figuring out what features are included in different plans.

4. AllRide Delivery

Who It’s For

AllRide is a family of software focused on transport, delivery, and other logistic activities, including rapid food delivery through its simple and user-friendly app. The software’s emphasis on ease of use makes AllRide Delivery some of the best bakery software for those who want to keep the user experience simple, both for them and their customers.

Features Overview

With AllRide’s simple interface, bakery customers can easily filter your menu based on a variety of variables such as popularity or keywords, then choose their items and make their payment all through the same interface. AllRide also gives customers the option to schedule their order for future time slots with availability set by you, making it ideal for bakeries that cater to events.

The delivery proof feature can be used to require an e-signature from the customer upon receipt, should you choose to add this. This gives you a little extra peace of mind that your order will arrive as intended.


  • Starter: $79 per month.

  • Growth: $129 per month.

  • Pro+: $179 per month.


  • Simple interface that’s easy to use for both customers and staff.

  • Advance scheduling suitable for bakeries that cater to events.

  • Delivery proof available.


  • Users have reported difficulties when setting up third-party integrations.

  • Limited branding, with the ordering app looking very similar to any competitors who are also using AllRide.

  • Users have reported feeling overwhelmed when trying to get to grips with the analytics dashboard.

5. Routific

Who It’s For

As the name suggests, Routific’s core feature is its ability to create optimized delivery routes from data input, with a view to reducing your cost per delivery. This makes it one of the best bakery software options for businesses that need to fulfill orders outside their immediate locality, and want to find ways to make this more cost-effective.

Features Overview

The core of Routific’s feature list is its “intelligent route optimization”. This enables users to input traffic patterns, driver preferences, and your business’s own unique priorities, then use this data to calculate the optimal route for any order. If necessary, you can use the interface to make adjustments to the route even when an order is already in progress.

This delivery route platform is supported by a robust live tracking feature, which helps to keep your customers clued-in on their deliveries with accurate ETAs.


  • Essential: $49 per vehicle per month.

  • Professional: $69 per vehicle per month.

  • Professional+: $93 per vehicle per month.


  • Optimized routing is ideal for bakeries that often have to serve customers from outside their immediate local area.

  • User-directed preferences can help you find the most efficient delivery routes based on your preferences.

  • Includes a user-friendly driver app so the people responsible for your deliveries are always reading from the same data feed as you.


  • Route optimization features may be an unnecessary extravagance for smaller bakeries that focus on a localized audience.

  • Some users have reported unnecessary feature dialogues on the business-side UI.

  • Some users have reported difficulties when trying to revisit old routes they’ve already created.

6. Storekit

Who It’s For

Like AllRide, Storekit gives businesses and their customers a simple branded ordering system that can be used easily for both home delivery and pickup orders at your bakery. With more than 90 possible integrations with third-party apps including Mailchimp and Deliverect, Storekit ranks among the best bakery software for users who are already using a variety of other tools, and don’t want to give up their previous ways of working.

Features Overview

Storekit emphasizes the simplicity of its platform, and the user-friendliness for bakery owners who aren’t particularly technical. Using its no-frills UI, bakeries can quickly create their online store, upload the details of their baked goods in a menu, and then start taking orders through the same app.

For bakers who are already using a number of other tools to keep their business ticking, there are 90+ integrations with popular software tools like TipJar, Square, and Mailchimp, providing wider possibilities for customizing the software to your needs.


  • Starter: Free (with commissions on orders processed through the app).

  • Storekit+: $24 per week.

  • Advanced: $62 per week.


  • Simple UI that’s easy to set up for new users.

  • Branding options available to make your online menu yours.

  • A variety of third party integrations so you can bring familiar tools with you.


  • No in-built CRM, tipping, and other features available through other platforms.
  • Integrating third party tools can become complicated for inexperienced users who need more functionality.

  • Some users have reported frustration with the lack of customization options.

7. OrerNova

Who It’s For

OrerNova is a bakery-oriented order management system that allows you to set up seasonal and limited-edition products, and has a diverse set of features suited to both retail and wholesale bakery business. This makes it one of the best bakery software suites for bakers who sell both directly to customers and local retailers, and those who like to plan their seasonal offers far in advance.

Features Overview

Using OrderNova’s simple yet effective design, bakers can quickly enter the pertinent details of their business, add their products, and then start receiving orders through the same platform. As orders come in, you’ll be able to add promo codes or additional charges for special orders, and track every stage of the order from preparation to dispatch.

One of the stand-out features about OrderNova is its ability to set up seasonal and special products with limited availability, which you can then highlight on your ordering page to help you maximize sales.


  • $149 per month.

  • Wholesale order management add-on for an additional $49 per month.


  • Simple, user-friendly interface.

  • Seasonal product settings.

  • Option to expand to wholesale at a later stage.


  • One pricing plan for all features.

  • Limited CRM features.

  • Limited customization and branding.

Boosting Your Bakery’s Performance

Dealing with the demands of running a small bakery business comes with a variety of challenges like handing a restaurant pos software. As you continue to grow, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your customers satisfied and your operations efficient with the right tools for success.

We hope this round-up of the best bakery software on the current market has given you a clearer understanding of what good software can offer your brand, and helped you find the right bakery tool for your business.

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