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Diamond Nails: Lessons
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Brenda, nail stylist and owner of Diamond Nails, has captivated the hearts of her clients with her exceptional skills and warm personality. What started as a personal journey to overcome nail-biting, turned into a thriving business venture that has spanned nine years.

Discovering the passion for nails

Diamond Nails’ journey began when Brenda decided she wanted to stop biting her nails. As she remembers, “I started doing my nails because I used to bite my nails and I hated it.” Inspired by a visit to a local salon, she thought, “I can do that myself.” Little did she know that it would take two years of practice, experimentation with products and techniques, and connecting with her small town community to truly find her own niche.

She learned that understanding the preferences of her customers was essential for providing the right services. Brenda recalls, “It was a journey for me to see what do the people want, what do I need to invest in? But after nine years, I think I know what my girls want.”

Brenda initially viewed her work as a hobby and didn't realize she had a business until her neighbor asked her, “How's your business?” Up until that point, she hadn’t admitted that her hobby had turned into a thriving business. But with six clients a day, Brenda thought, “Maybe I do have a business.”

I'm a shrink, I'm a social worker, I'm a friend.

From one client to many

Brenda’s first client was her own daughter. Her daughter's friends admired her nails, leading to more clients—their mothers, aunts, and even complete strangers. Through word-of-mouth and exceptional service, her clientele continued to grow steadily. As she reminisces, “It grew from one person to the other.”

In the early days, she didn't need much marketing, since she had a full-time job. However, as her passion for nail artistry grew, it was time to make a choice. She decided to reduce her working hours and focus solely on her nail business. This led her to sharing her work on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, gaining further exposure and attracting new clients.

Building strong relationships with her clients has been crucial to Diamond Nails’ success. Working from home has created a private and intimate atmosphere, allowing her clients to trust her with their personal stories and concerns, “We discuss everything from world problems to complaints about husbands and kids. Being a nail artist goes beyond the physical work; it's about being a friend and confidant.”

For her clients, visiting Diamond Nails is not just about nail care, but also an opportunity to relax, share thoughts, and build connections. Brenda proudly declares, “I'm a shrink, I'm a social worker, I'm a friend.”

I wish someone told me you don't have to work seven days a week and don't start with a small fee.

Nail stylist setup

Navigating the nail stylist business challenges

As with any entrepreneurial journey, Brenda faced various challenges and learned valuable lessons along the way. Initially, she struggled to find the right pricing strategy and felt pressured to offer discounts to friends and acquaintances. She also admits that in the beginning, she overworked herself, dedicating seven days a week to her business.

As she recalls, “I wish someone told me you don't have to work seven days a week and don't start with a small fee.” She eventually realized the importance of setting boundaries, prioritizing ‘me time’, and valuing her expertise.

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Vev helps me to enjoy my free time, so people know I can go to Brenda's calendar and make changes or make my appointment myself.

Brenda perfecting her client's nails

Startup costs for nail artist business

Brenda reveals that she didn't have to make a significant upfront investment to launch her business. As she explains, “I did it gradually...when clients gave me a fee, I would invest it in new materials, new products, courses.” This process took her approximately two years, as she balanced her regular job with building her nail art business.

Brenda emphasized the importance of investing in good-quality products from the start, stating, “Just invest in the good products, then it can go much faster...For years.” She learned this lesson the hard way when she had to purchase multiple inexpensive pencils, before realizing the value of investing in a more expensive, long-lasting option.

Effective appointment management with Vev

Brenda discovered Vev through social media. Previously, she relied on pen and paper, but the administrative tasks became overwhelming. Vev provided her with the freedom to enjoy her free time, while allowing her clients to schedule and modify appointments on their own. She highlights, "Vev helps me to enjoy my free time, people know they can schedule and make changes, or I can make appointments myself."

As she describes, since she started using Vev as her appointment scheduling system for Diamond Nails, she has a full schedule, being fully booked for the upcoming 3 months. She also established Monday afternoons as “Me time”, time she uses to focus on her family, run errands or rest.

Valuable advice for nail stylists

Reflecting on her journey, Brenda regrets not starting bigger from the beginning and advises fellow nail artists and entrepreneurs to seize opportunities for growth without hesitation, “Don't wait to grow. Start now.” She also advises against succumbing to fear or listening to others' doubts. Trusting one's instincts and believing in the business are essential.

As Brenda looks ahead, she prioritizes the balance between work and personal life. While she could consider expanding her business outside her home, her desire to spend time with her family, including her future grandchildren, takes precedence.

Don't wait to grow. Start now.

5 learnings from Diamond Nails

Diamond Nails’ inspiring journey from overcoming a personal challenge to building a successful nail business is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. Her ability to embrace technology, and prioritize client relationships has been instrumental in her growth. As she continues to shape her business, Brenda encourages others to pursue their dreams with confidence and seize every opportunity for success. Here are the top learnings from Brenda’s journey to success:

  1. Understanding customer preferences is essential for providing the right services and growing a business.
  2. Word-of-mouth and exceptional service can lead to a steady growth in clientele. Building strong relationships with clients and providing a private and intimate atmosphere, helps gain their trust and loyalty.
  3. Setting boundaries and valuing personal time is crucial for long-term success. Brenda realized the importance of not overworking herself and learned to prioritize her expertise and well-being.
  4. Gradual investment and starting with good-quality products can save time and money in the long run.
  5. Adopting effective appointment management tools, like Vev, can help streamline administrative tasks and provide freedom to enjoy personal time. It allows clients to schedule and modify appointments independently while maintaining a full schedule.

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