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Dr. Simonetta Draghi:
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In this interview, we had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Simonetta Draghi, a renowned gynecologist based in Rome, Italy. With 40 years of experience in the field, Dr. Simonetta shares valuable insights into running her own practice, the challenges she faced, and using Vev to streamline her practice and enhance patient care.

Starting a career as a gynecologist

Born with an innate passion for healthcare, Dr. Simonetta carved her path in the field of medicine without any doubt. Her journey took her to “La Sapienza” University, while concurrently starting her private practice. Today, she divides her time between the hospital and her private practice in the Prati neighborhood.

“I've been a doctor for about 40 years, since 1982,” Simonetta reflects. When asked about her choice of becoming a gynecologist, she explains, “I picked this branch because it supports women in every stage of life. Not only during pregnancy, as people often think, but from birth to the Fourth Age.”

Establishing a successful practice involves more than just attracting patients. Instead, Dr. Simonetta shares that it is essential to create conditions that make healthcare services easily accessible and affordable for those who need it, both from a practical and a financial point of view. “In the medical field, referrals through word of mouth play a significant role,” Simonetta adds. “If you create the right conditions the word of mouth spreads.”

In the medical field, referrals through word of mouth play a significant role.

The challenges of a gynecologist's practice

Running a gynecology practice presents numerous challenges. She emphasized that the journey to become a gynecologist is demanding and requires years of rigorous education and specialization, lasting almost a decade.

Additionally, she mentioned the demanding nature of the work, especially in the early stages of one's career. As she established her own practice, she faced the initial hurdles of long working hours and building trust with patients.

“As one progresses in their career, the work becomes less demanding, but you face new challenges, like staying updated on the latest studies and techniques, building trustful relationships with patients during delicate moments, and educating younger generations about birth control and sexuality.”

Learnings and advice

Despite these hurdles, Dr. Simonetta finds her work immensely fulfilling. Over the years, she has gained valuable insights from running her own practice. From a managerial perspective, she stressed the importance of delegating tasks to trusted individuals, particularly administrative duties, to allow a focus on patient care and continuous learning in the field. “My focus and energy must be directed towards cultivating patient relationships and staying up-to-date with the state of medicine,” she remarks.

For those considering starting their own practice, Dr. Simonetta offers valuable advice. She recommends gaining experience in the public sector. She insists, “Working in the public sector exposes you to a wide range of situations and equips you with the skills to handle emergencies that may not occur in the private sector.” Although the initial sacrifices may be demanding, the experience gained in the long run proves invaluable.

Vev seemed like the right tool to manage appointments efficiently.

Embracing Vev for efficient appointments

Seeking to streamline her practice's appointment management, Dr. Simonetta decided to integrate Vev into her workflow. “I was looking for a solution to manage appointments for quite some time. Vev seemed like the right tool to manage appointments efficiently,” she explains.

Previously reliant on a traditional agenda managed by her assistants, the introduction of Vev brought about notable improvements. “In our studio, we were relying on an 'old-school' agenda managed by two assistants,” she recalls. Her assistants would confirm changes with patients and double-check with her before finalizing bookings.

Now with Vev, she can conveniently access her appointments' schedule anytime, allowing her to stay updated on any changes made by her assistants directly from her phone. This eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth communication and provides her with a clear overview of her day.

What she loves most about Vev is its monthly summary feature. “It gives me an overview of how many visits I did during the month, and allows me to have quicker conversations with my accountant,” she shares.

My focus and energy must be directed towards cultivating patient relationships and staying up-to-date with the state of medicine.

4 learnings from Dr. Simonetta

With decades of hard-earned wisdom and a passion for her work, Dr. Simonetta’s story is both inspiring and enlightening. Her journey not only reflects her dedication, resilience, and continuous learning required in the field of gynecology, but also the importance of embracing technology to streamline practice management. Here are the main takeaways from Dr. Simonetta’s journey:

  1. Passion and dedication: A career in gynecology can be complex but incredibly fulfilling, allowing professionals to support women through important stages of life. It involves both medical expertise and building trustful relationships with patients.
  2. Continuous learning: Staying updated on the latest studies and techniques is vital for gynecologists to provide the best care possible. Also, gaining experience in the public sector equips practitioners with essential skills for handling diverse situations.
  3. Delegation and focus: Delegating administrative tasks can free up time for gynecologists to concentrate on building patient relationships and help streamline the management of a medical practice.
  4. Embracing technology: Integrating efficient tools like Vev can significantly improve appointment management, offering convenience for both practitioners and patients.

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