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Annechien is making a difference in education. First and foremost, she is a full-time mother, but she also provides tutoring in physics and chemistry to students. After studying Molecular Science, Annechien chose to pursue tutoring instead of the high demand for technical specialists, driven by her passion to help students.

How did it all start?

It began when I started tutoring my younger brother. I realized I had a knack for it and decided to join a tutoring agency. However, managing lessons and rescheduling became a hassle, as students had to subscribe to a membership. When I started working as a freelancer, I didn't want to deal with those issues. But I faced frequent cancellations and no-shows, especially in online tutoring. Now, using Vev as my appointment system has been a great help. I simply send the link to my students, and they choose a time that suits them. They often pay in advance, which reduces the instances of no-shows.

Where does your passion for helping students come from?

Honestly, I'm not sure how it developed. When you're in high school, you're bound to your subjects. I help many girls who want to study medicine and need to have chemistry in their curriculum. It feels great to assist them with their only stumbling block. My ultimate goal is to guide one of my students towards a career in chemistry or physics after providing them with tutoring.

Vev helps me to reduce no-shows.

Can't students receive enough help at school?

In a classroom, there are 30 different individuals who each comprehend the material in their own way. A teacher simply doesn't have the time to explain everything in 30 different ways. That's why I don't understand why schools don't arrange for tutoring. Sometimes, just an hour or two can make all the difference.

How do students find you for tutoring?

Most of my students come through marketplace advertisements. I've also tried platforms like Superprof and Apprentice, but I prefer a direct approach without commission fees. I've noticed an increase in requests from students during exam periods, but I'm worried that people are more concerned about buying food and paying bills.

Tutoring is a unique experience for each student

What does the future hold for you?

I'm already specializing in tutoring students with ADHD. Many of my students have ADHD, and I've noticed that there's something about chemistry that makes it difficult for them to grasp the concepts. Attention deficit issues make it easy to lose focus. I'd like to learn more about applying the knowledge we have about ADHD and ADD to the subjects of chemistry and physics. I also hope to broaden my tutoring subjects and potentially develop educational materials. However, those plans remain distant future goals.

What advice do you have for other people interested in tutoring?

My advice is to maintain integrity. While there are many opportunities and profitable organizations, I couldn't bring myself to keep students tied to expensive subscriptions. Tutoring only works when there is genuine interest from both sides. I've had experiences where students were forced into tutoring by their parents, resulting in disengagement and negative attitudes. That's why I believe it's important for tutors to act with integrity and understand that tutoring is a unique experience for each student. It doesn't fit into a subscription model or similar approaches.

Students often pay in advance, which reduces the instances of no-shows.

Annechien shines as a beacon in the educational landscape, using her passion and expertise to support students. Her unique approach and focus on individual student needs promote enjoyment in learning and build confidence. Her commitment to making tutoring more accessible and her future plans for specialization and educational material development demonstrate her determination to have a lasting impact on education. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Annechien. At Vev, we're following her closely!

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