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Let clients make appointments directly from their phone, laptop or tablet so you are not bothered when you are in the middle of an intake or appointment.

What is therapist practice management software?

Therapist practice management software helps you to make the organizational part of your business easier. Such software can help save time by taking over tasks that you normally do by hand. A few examples are listed below:

  • Have your clients easily book their own appointments and intakes online
  • Sending reminder messages for clients’ booked appointments
  • Seeing previously booked appointments for clients.
  • Finding client details
  • Having access to your digital agenda on every device you own

Give your clients a stress-free booking experience

When to use therapist scheduling software?

Picture this situation: you are in the middle of an intake and the phone starts ringing. It's one of your clients, wanting to reschedule the already planned appointment. You want to take the phone and help this client, but you also want to maintain focus with the client you are currently seeing.

Situations like this can be a thing of the past with an online booking system. It gives your clients the chance to make their appointments online into your agenda with just a few clicks. Then, when they want to reschedule, they can do this themselves too. They will see exactly what timeslots you have open, and can then pick the one that suits them best. It saves a couple of phone calls and eliminates the moments of disturbance while you are helping other clients.

What's more, therapist management software helps you keep track of client details. A list of previous appointments can be found and the basic contact information is listed in an easy-to-reach overview. If a client is late or you want to get in touch with a client for whatever reason, you are just one button away from making the phone call.

You can't pick up the phone while in a therapy session

What are the features of practice management software for therapists?

The Vev's practice management and therapist scheduling software has the following features:

  • Both clients and therapists can easily plan appointments into an online agenda
  • Having a list of all clients and their details in your very own CRM
  • A clear overview of all the appointments per day.
  • The ability to create an export of all the appointments in a certain time period.

Aside from the features mentioned above, you can make Vev's therapist appointment scheduling software your own by adding extra features. Curious about what those extra features are? Try our tools for free and you'll know within minutes!

What is the difference between practice management software and an EHR system?

Practice management appointment software is software that keeps track of administrative tasks in your practice (information that does not need to be shared outside of your office), while an EHR system keeps track of information that does need to be shared outside of your practice. An EHR system can help digitize communication among experts. There are many great EHR solutions out there, but we are not one of them. We here at Vev just help with your practice’s administrative tasks.

Most people prefer to book online

What is the best booking system for therapists?

There is a lot out there on the market and picking the “best” system is impossible since it comes back to personal preference. The most important thing to take into consideration when choosing your own booking system is “convenience”. A booking system should feel like an extra pair of hands for your practice. If it's too much effort to handle all your appointments in the system you've selected, it is not worth maintaining the system that you've selected.

Vev has all the features that a therapist can wish for, and if there are requests for certain features, we listen carefully to make your practice management software work even better for you.

Run your practice on auto-pilot With your new toolset

  • Sell

  • Marketing

  • Payments

  • Business

  • Learn

  • Auto pilot

  • Overview

  • No-shows

  • Customers

Schedule again

In just a tap your clients become regulars. Get the best date and time for the next appointment. No upcoming appointment? You and your clients are reminded to schedule a therapy session again.

Sell smart

Add options, durations, variations, preparation time, cleanup time and your duration to help your clients schedule.

Define your own duration

Some appointments don’t require your attention the whole time, so you can help another client.

Schedule deadline

Choose till what time clients can schedule a therapy session.

Time suggestions

With 'Smart suggestions' you can optimize your day by letting clients choose from suggested times. Or choose 'Show all slots', this will show the best times first, but clients can then choose to see the full list of time slots.






Auto pilot




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